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M6 Toll JT2

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M6 Toll Junction T2
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The Belfry
Highway Authority
National Highways
Junction Type
Single off-slip to Roundabout
Roads Joined
M6 Toll, A446, A4091
Junctions related to the A446

M6 Toll junction T2 is a sliproad near The Belfry golf club. It provides the movement missing at Dunton Interchange.

Original junction prior to 2003 with the current layout shown in grey

The junction was originally a three arm roundabout with the priority through the junction reflecting the main traffic flows. Traffic approaching from the south had priority over that on the roundabout allowing the dominant flow from A446 south to both the A446 north and A4091 to flow unhindered whereas traffic travelling from the A4091 to A446 north which was, and still is, much lower and local in nature has to give way.

The opening of the M6 Toll in 2003 required an additional arm for the sliproad. The roundabout was moved slightly to the west with the eastern side of the former roundabout being utilised as a service road for the houses which are now slightly further away from moving traffic. Traffic priorities at the new roundabout are now the conventional priority to the right on all the approaches.

1978 proposal to complete the A446 dualling from the south

The A446 southwards to where it meets the A452 was progressively dualled during the middle of the last century with just a couple of gaps remaining. One of these is immediately to the south of the junction and is just a few hundreds yards long. In 1978 plans were made to extend the dual carriageway to the junction and enlarge the roundabout. This was never carried out and the short section of single carriageway still remains.


Route To Notes

M6 Toll

London, Coventry (M6, M42 (S)) accessed only from M6 Toll


Lichfield, Wishaw


Coventry, Coleshill, N.E.C, (M42)




London, Coventry (M6, M42 (S)) administrative number for M6 Toll


London, Coventry (M6, M42 (S)) provisional number for M6 Toll

M6 Toll JT2
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