Dunton Interchange

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Dunton Interchange
Location Map ( geo)
On the M42 crossing the M6 Toll road - Geograph - 1888012.jpg
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Highway Authority
Highways England
Junction Type
Modified Roundabout Interchange + Fork
Roads Joined
M42, M6 Toll, A446, A4097
Junctions related to the A446
Bassetts Pole • Coleshill Interchange • M6 Toll JT2 • Stonebridge Interchange • Swinfen Interchange
Junctions related to the A4097
Kingsbury Roundabout • Minworth Island
This article is about the junction of the A446 and M42.
For the junction on the A127 in Essex, see Dunton Junction

Dunton Interchange is where the M42, M6 Toll, A446 and A4097 meet. It is junction T1 of the M6 Toll and junction 8A and junction 9 of the M42.


Prior to the M42 there was a smaller roundabout here which replaced a previous crossroads. The arrival of the M42 increased its size dramatically. Traffic signals were later added and the number of lanes on the roundabout was increased when the M6 Toll was built.

Plan of proposed services
During the design stage for the M42 four possible locations for service areas were under consideration. One of these was a site on the southeast corner of the roundabout. However a site at junction 10 proved better and the services were eventually built there.


Route To Notes

M6 Toll

The NORTH WEST, Lichfield, Cannock


The NORTH, The N. EAST (M1), Tamworth, Nottingham, Burton upon Trent


The S.WEST, Birmingham, Coventry (M6), Birmingham Airport


Wishaw, Lichfield


Coleshill, Water Orton, Hams Hall, N.E.C.


Sutton Coldfield, Minworth, Curdworth


Kingsbury, Marston


The NORTH WEST, Lichfield, Cannock administrative number for M6 Toll


The NORTH WEST, Lichfield, Cannock provisional number for M6 Toll


Dunton Interchange
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Dunton Services.jpgOn the M42 crossing the M6 Toll road - Geograph - 1888012.jpg
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