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A31 (Northern Ireland)

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From:  Moneymore (H857834)
To:  Castledawson (H916924)
Via:  Magherafelt
Distance:  6.9 miles (11.1 km)
Meets:  A29, B181, B40, A6, A54
Old route now:  A54, B40
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Route outline (key)
A31 Moneymore - Castledawson Bypass
A31 Castledawson Bypass - Castledawson
The former A31 in Magherafelt

The A31 is a simple link between the A29 and the A6 serving Magherafelt (the old road has since become the B40). It is numbered separately from the A54, which continues at the A6 junction.

Originally, the A31 began on the original line of the A6 on the north side of Castledawson; when that road was moved onto the bypass the A31 was cut back and the A54 took over its northern section. Then, with the opening of the Magherafelt bypass, it was re-routed to the east of that town.

As part of the quickest route from Belfast to Cookstown, and one of the only two routes from Belfast to Omagh, the A31 enjoys primary status throughout its short length.


Until 2016, the A31 began at the Castledawson Roundabout on the A6, and ran through Magherafelt town centre. However, the opening of the Magherafelt bypass means that the road begins in the same place, but now curves its way around the eastern side of the town instead. The bypass has two roundabouts; the first sees the unclassified Aughrim Road cross over from Magherafelt to Toomebridge, while the second sees the B181 cross over from Magherafelt towards The Loup and Ballyronan.

At its third roundabout, the A31 meets its original route through the town centre. Here, it joins Moneymore Road, and - as with so many roads in Northern Ireland - makes a straight and wide course through the County Londonderry countryside. It rises gently uphill before gaining partial hard shoulders and descending, now as Magherafelt Road, towards Moneymore. There is an expansive and enjoyable view of open countryside to the right as the route converges with the A29, which is meets at a mini-roundabout in the town centre.


  • The Roads (Classification) Order (Northern Ireland) 2017 - This Order provides for the classification of a newly constructed or realigned road (Magherafelt bypass) as specified in Schedule 1 and for the re-classification of the length of road specified in Schedule 2 which has, in consequence, been superseded as a main traffic route.

A31 (Northern Ireland)
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