A21 (Northern Ireland)

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From: Bangor (J499811)
To: Ballynahinch (J367543)
Via: Newtownards, Comber
Length: 21.3 miles (34.3 km)
Meets:  A2, A48, A20, A211, A22, A23, A7, A24
Old route now: A211
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Transport NI

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A21 Bangor - Newtownards
(A20) Newtownards Bypass
A21 Newtownards - Comber
A21 Comber - Saintfield
(A7) Saintfield
A21 Saintfield - Ballynahinch

The A21 is a medium-length A-road in northern County Down.

the Bangor - Newtownards dual-carriageway

The road originally started on the A2 to the west of Bangor town centre. That road now bypasses the town but some maps still show the A21 starting where it always has (although just which road it starts on is open to debate). The road heads south, crossing the current line of the A2 at a roundabout where it becomes D2. The road then leaves town; however, there is only a short rural section before the road reaches Newtownards.

The road narrows to S4 status before reaching traffic lights on the original line of the A20. Through traffic turns left here and the A20 bypass is reached at the next roundabout. There is then a short multiplex past the airport before the A21 regains its number at the third roundabout. After passing close to Strangford Lough the road reaches Comber, where the original line of the A21 through town is now the A211. The A21 runs along a bypass to meet the A22 at a roundabout. This road now takes on primary status and the two roads cannon off each other allowing the A21 to head north into town and meet the other end of the A211 at traffic lights. The A21 turns left here and soon crosses a bridge over the A22.

heading north out of Saintfield

After leaving town the A21 heads south across the rolling fields via Ballygowan to Saintfield. It meets the A7 to the north of town and there is a multiplex to the centre where the A21 regains its number by turning right at traffic lights. The road then bears left at a mini-roundabout to leave town and heads southwest for a few more miles. It zigzags to avoid a hill before ending at a triangular junction on the A24 to the north of Ballynahinch.

A21 (Northern Ireland)
JunctionsBallygowan Square • Kempstones Road Roundabout • Newtownards Road Roundabout • Rathgael Road Roundabout • Zion Place Roundabout
RoadsT11 (Northern Ireland) • T12 (Northern Ireland)
PlacesBallynahinch • Bangor (County Down) • Comber • Newtownards
MiscellaneousA21 (Northern Ireland)/Named Junctions
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