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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Beckhampton (SU088689)
To:  Swindon (SU155834)
Distance:  11.2 miles (18 km)
Meets:  A4, A361, A4289
Former Number(s):  A361
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Swindon  • Wiltshire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A4361 Beckhampton - Swindon

The A4361 is a renumbered section of the A361 between the A4 and Swindon, gaining the extra digit in the 1970s to persuade traffic to avoid the town. See that page for a bit more history.

The A4361 starts at a roundabout where the A361 meets the A4. It initially heads northeastwards and soon reaches Avebury, famous for its prehistoric monuments. It crosses the West Kennet Avenue of stones, which runs alongside the B4003, and then bends sharply left to enter the stone circle and run through the village itself. We zigzag past the pub before leaving the circle and reentering open country.

Above Wroughton

The road now continues north along a reasonably straight road, passing rather than going through a number of small villages. At Berwick Bassett we bend sharply right then left again a few hundred yards further on to regain our northerly alignment. As the road continues it now bends gradually to the right. It passes the former RAF Wroughton, now a store for the Science Museum, and then descends into Wroughton itself. There's a multiplex with the B4005 along Devizes Road ending at a mini-roundabout where the two roads go their separate ways; the A4361 turns sharply left.

The suburbs of Wroughton seem to continue as far as the bridge over the M4, which is dual-carriageway. The D2 continues as far as traffic lights which serve the B4006. We're now on the edge of Swindon and we enter town along the residential Croft Road. We run into the centre of the old town and end at a mini-roundabout on the ring road, which is numbered A4289 ahead and B4289 to the right. The A361 used to continue ahead here.

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A4361 Avebury - Coppermine - 944.jpgThe A4361 above Wroughton - Geograph - 1449882.jpgAvebury Stone Circle, looking towards the village, 2004 - Geograph - 1991921.jpg
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