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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Cricklade (SU099932)
To:  Mannington roundabout, Toothill (SU129840)
Via:  Peatmore
Distance:  7.4 miles (11.9 km)
Meets:  B4040, B4534, A3102, B4006
Former Number(s):  B4041
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Swindon • Wiltshire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B4553 Cricklade – Peatmore
(B4534) Peatmore – Tewkesbury Cross
B4553 Tewkesbury Cross – Mannington
This article is about the current B4553 in Wiltshire.
For the original B4553 mostly in Herefordshire, see B4553 (Tenbury Wells - Leominster)

Cricklade Road, north of Purton Stoke

The B4553 runs into Swindon from the north. Originally the northernmost section of the road was part of the B4041 whilst the remainder was unclassified; the B4553 gained its route when the B4041 was downgraded in the late 1980s.

The road starts at a mini-roundabout on the B4040 at the southern end of Cricklade High Street and heads south, soon reaching open country. We briefly follow the narrow River Key before skirting the eastern side of Purton Stoke. The road then bears sharply left at a junction which seems to have been remodelled from a simple crossroads; the old B4041 continued straight to the south so this may well be the case.

After a short run east a sharp right-hand bend takes the road southwards again. The road is fairly straight until it zigzags over the Swindon to Cheltenham railway line, after which there are a few more bends. In Common Platt the road bears sharply left and we merge into Swindon, although the road initially still seems rural. We cross a roundabout leading to a housing estate then reach another roundabout on the B4534.

There's a multiplex south along the B4534 for the best part of 2 miles past Shaw Forest Park and through Eastleaze before our road regains its number by a retail park. We head east, signposted towards the town centre, and cross a large roundabout which provides access to the same retail park. Continuing east we pass no buildings as usual for a New Town, then the road ends at a roundabout. Left is the B4006 whilst the A3102 runs in the other two directions.

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B4553 Cricklade Road, near Purton Stoke - Geograph - 1735092.jpgB4553 Cricklade Road, near Purton Stoke - Geograph - 1733379.jpgB4553 Cricklade Road - Geograph - 266422.jpgLittleworth Bridge and the B4553, near Purton Stoke - Geograph - 1733388.jpg
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