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Wiltshire Council

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Wiltshire County Council
Location Map ( geo)
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Primary Destinations
Chippenham • Marlborough • Salisbury • Trowbridge • Warminster
Other Important Destinations
Devizes • Melksham • Stonehenge • Westbury
Bath and North East Somerset Council • Dorset Council • Gloucestershire Council • Hampshire Council • Oxfordshire Council • Somerset Council • South Gloucestershire Council • Swindon Council • West Berkshire Council
National Highways Roads
M4, A36, A303, A419 (DBFO)

Wiltshire County Council is the Highway Authority for all roads in the Administrative County of Wiltshire, with the exception of Trunk roads managed by National Highways.

It does not manage roads within other authorities that lie within historic Wiltshire such as Swindon Council. It does, however, manage roads within some small areas of other historic counties, for example some small areas of the extreme southwest of Berkshire, the South Tidworth area of Hampshire, and various small parts of Somerset and Gloucestershire.

Primary Destinations

The following Primary Destinations are located within the council area:

Trunk Roads

The following roads that run through the council area are at least partially Trunk Roads, and therefore managed by National Highways:

Principal and Classified Numbered Roads

The following is a list of A and B classified roads that are at least partially managed by the council:

Route From To Length


A4 London Avonmouth 129.8 miles View
A27 Whiteparish Pevensey 103 miles View
A30 Hounslow Land's End 284 miles View
A338 Bournemouth Bessels Leigh 90.4 miles View
A342 Andover Derry Hill 33.1 miles View
A343 Lopcombe Corner Newbury 26.7 miles View
A345 Salisbury Marlborough 26.9 miles View
A346 Ludgershall Chiseldon 20.2 miles View
A350 Stanton St Quintin Lower Hamworthy 68.1 miles View
A354 Salisbury Easton, Portland 53.2 miles View
A360 Salisbury Devizes 24.2 miles View
A361 Ilfracombe Kilsby 213 miles View
A362 Warminster Farrington Gurney 17.8 miles View
A363 Bathford Yarnbrook 10.3 miles View
A365 Martinslade Box 10.9 miles View
A366 Trowbridge Kilmersdon 9.7 miles View
A417 Streatley Hope under Dinmore 97.5 miles View
A420 Headington, Oxford Bristol 79.5 miles View
A429 Stanton St Quintin Coventry 73.7 miles View
A433 Dunkirk Cirencester 16.7 miles View
A3026 Ludgershall North Tidworth 2.1 miles View
A3028 Durrington Bulford Camp 2.5 miles View
A3094 Quidhampton Salisbury 3.5 miles View
A3098 Frome Westbury 6.5 miles View
A3102 Melksham Swindon 24.9 miles View
A4361 Beckhampton Swindon 11.2 miles View  
B390 Heytesbury Shrewton 8.4 miles View
B3052 Salisbury Road Pewsey Lane 0.4 miles View
B3079 Cadnam Landford 5.4 miles View
B3080 Bramshaw Telegraph Wick 5.5 miles View
B3081 Ashley Prestleigh 45.2 miles View
B3083 Stapleford Shrewton 4.7 miles View
B3085 Durrington (NW) Durrington (SE) 1.1 miles View
B3086 Airman's Corner Shrewton 3.1 miles View
B3087 Burbage Pewsey 4.3 miles View
B3089 Barford St Martin Willoughby Hedge 12.9 miles View
B3092 Frome Sturminster Newton 25.3 miles View
B3095 Longbridge Deverill Mere 7.4 miles View
B3097 Westbury Yarnbrook 3.2 miles View
B3098 Wedhampton Westbury 13.3 miles View
B3099 Westbury Standerwick 2.6 miles View
B3101 Rowde Caen Hill Locks 1.0 mile View
B3105 Bradford-on-Avon (N) Trowbridge 4.2 miles View
B3106 Trowbridge Staverton 3.2 miles View
B3107 Bradford-on-Avon Melksham 5.2 miles View
B3108 Monkton Combe Bradford-on-Avon 3.7 miles View
B3109 Corsham Rode 12.0 miles View
B3353 Corsham Shaw 3.9 miles View
B3414 Warminster bypass (NW) Heytesbury 4.4 miles View
B4001 Petwick Chilton Foliat 14.8 miles View
B4003 West Kennet Avebury 1.0 mile View
B4005 Chiseldon Spittleborough Roundabout 7.0 miles View
B4014 Malmesbury(NE) Nailsworth 10.8 miles View
B4039 Acton Turville Allington 6.6 miles View
B4040 Old Sodbury(E) Cricklade 25.4 miles View
B4042 Malmesbury Royal Wootton Bassett 4.9 miles View
B4069 Lyneham Chippenham 9.2 miles View
B4122 Stanton St Quintin Draycot Cerne 1.5 miles View
B4158 New Road Chippenham bypass 1.2 miles View
B4192 Hungerford Swindon 12.8 miles View
B4528 Lackham Hardenhuish 3.1 miles View
B4534 Freshbrook Blunsdon 6.1 miles View
B4553 Cricklade Mannington roundabout, Toothill 7.4 miles View
B4643 Patterdown Farm Rowden Hill 0.62 miles View
B4696 Royal Wootton Bassett(NW) South Cerney 9.4 miles View     

Classified Unnumbered (Class III) and Unclassified Roads

Main Article: Wiltshire Council (Class III roads)

For its Class III road network, Wiltshire County Council uses "C" prefixes. They also choose to number their Unclassified Road network, but with no letter prefix.


Main Article: Wiltshire Council (Junctions)

Bridges, Tunnels, and other Crossings

Main Article: Wiltshire Council (Crossings)


Wiltshire Council
A4 • A27 • A30 • A30/history • A338 • A342 • A343 • A345 • A346 • A350 • A354 • A360 • A361 • A362 • A363 • A365 • A366 • A417 • A420 • A429 • A433 • A3026 • A3028 • A3094 • A3098 • A3102 • A4361 • B390 • B3052 • B3079 • B3080 • B3081 • B3083 • B3085 • B3086 • B3087 • B3089 • B3092 • B3095 • B3097 • B3098 • B3099 • B3101 • B3105 • B3106 • B3107 • B3108 • B3109 • B3353 • B3414 • B4001 • B4003 • B4005 • B4014 • B4039 • B4040 • B4042 • B4069 • B4122 (Wiltshire) • B4158 • B4192 • B4528 • B4534 • B4553 • B4643 • B4696
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