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From:  Hardgate (NS499727)
To:  Clydebank (NS496700)
Distance:  1.8 miles (2.9 km)
Meets:  A810, A82, A814
Former Number(s):  B814
Highway Authorities

West Dunbartonshire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A8014 Hardgate – Clydebank
The southern end of the A8014

The A8014 (renumbered from the B814 in 1935) is a short road running north - south between the A810 at Hardgate and the A814 on the banks of the Clyde. In the middle it crosses the A82 at the large Kilbowie Roundabout, giving the A810 access to the westbound carriageway of the A82, which it doesn't get at its terminus a mile up the road.

The road starts, therefore, at the Hardgate Roundabout, and heads south. Dropping from the A810 to the A82, the road is wide and sweeps down a hill in a series of wide bends, where two lanes of traffic could run either way. However, the road is lined with two main running lanes, and a downhill Bus Lane, broken for junctions. The A82 is met at the Kilbowie Roundabout, and it is here that a lot of traffic will leave, having only used the A8014 because the westbound A810 does not connect directly with the westbound A82.

Beyond the roundabout, the A8014 quickly drops back to being a wide S2, with occasional turning lanes and on street parking. There are also a plethora of bus stops, pedestrian crossings and signalised junctions as found on many urban roads. Towards the end, the road runs alongside the back of the Clydebank Shopping Centre, a halfway house between a town centre shopping precinct and an out of town 'Mall'. The road then crosses over the canal, under the railway and comes to an end on the A814 less than two miles from its start.

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Kilbowie Rd, Clydebank Sep 07 - Coppermine - 15327.JPGLooking down Kilbowie road (C) Stephen Sweeney - Geograph - 627023.jpgTenements on Kilbowie Road, Clydebank (C) Stephen Sweeney - Geograph - 800418.jpg
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