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From:  Bridge of Dee (NJ944065)
To:  Aberdeen (NJ926035)
Via:  Holburn Street
Distance:  1 miles (1.6 km)
Met:  A92, A943, A947, A945, A92
Former Number(s):  A92
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A9103 Bridge of Dee - Aberdeen


Holburn Street

The A9103 is generally considered to be a mapping error which was supposed to read A9013. However, as it first appeared on OS large scale sheets in the early 1950s and remained in place until the late 1960s, it cannot be completely dismissed as such.

The route started at the junction with the A92 and A943 at the east end of the Bridge of Dee. It then crossed the river, and turned north onto Holburn Street where Garthdee Roundabout now sits. It continued north for about a mile before ending at the junction with the A92, Great Southern Road. Prior to the opening of the King George VI Bridge in the early 1940s, this had all been the route of the A92, but at some point the A92 was re-routed over the new bridge and along the Great Southern Road, with its old route gaining the new number.

By the early 1970s, the route number had been 'corrected' to read A9013 and it was later still that the A92 was once more re-routed onto Anderson Drive, allowing the A9013 to be extended along Union Street. In 2020, the route was completely declassified as part of a wholesale review of road numbering in Aberdeen.

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