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From:  Forder Valley Interchange (50.396555, -4.097340)
To:  Derriford (50.413777, -4.126815)
Meets:  A38, B3413, B3432, A386
Former Number(s):  B3413
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A3822 Forder Valley

The A3822 opened on 28 February 2023 as is a part new route classification for the B3413 through Forder Valley, and a newly built link road to Derriford.


From the A38 Forder Valley Interchange, the A3822 leaves at a roundabout junction and runs along the bottom of Forder Valley as an S2, where it meets with the start of the B3432 and the newly truncated B3413 at a light-controlled junction. This section has had several numbers, namely the A38, A374 and B3413 respectively.

From here, a new road runs straight ahead, immediately launching over the valley and stream on a flyover. Initially starting as a 40mph D4, the carriageways merge to an S2+1. Cresting the hill, the carriageways split again to form a 30mph D4 through what will become a high street for residential development.

All through traffic is then forced in to the left hand lane to turn left into William Prance Road. The right hand lane gives access to the local school only and future development, whilst buses can continue ahead. William Prance Road becomes an S2, sweeping round to the right where it meets a roundabout. The A3822 turns left at the roundabout, back to a D4 before meeting the A386 at a traffic light controlled junction.

Upon opening the A3822 and part of its former identity (the B3413) were signed congruently, and not signed at all at the northern end until old signage was patched over in August 2023.

This road was originally going to be numbered as the A3861 as shown on the proposed traffic signs planning application. [1]



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