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Clyde Arc

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Clyde Arc
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Clyde Arc, Glasgow.jpg
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From  : Govan
To  : Lancefield Quay
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The Clyde Arc at sunset

The Clyde Arc is a new bridge across the River Clyde in Glasgow, lying about 700m west of the Kingston Bridge. It has been built as part of the redevelopment of the riverside area, connecting the SECC with the new BBC centre and the surrounding areas. Shortly after opening, the bridge was closed for some time after one of the cables snapped.

Google Earth show the bridge as being an A-road, connecting the A814 and A8. However, as the movement shown to the southern side of the bridge is impossible, the road is presumably an unclassified route.

The bridge carries 4 lanes of traffic - one 'normal' lane and a bus lane in either direction. However, in the northbound direction, the bus lane gives out just before landfall to allow two traffic lanes for turning at the junction ahead with the A814 spur.