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Eastern Primary (Preston)

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Eastern Primary (Preston)
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From:  Walton Summit (SD585248)
To:  Grimsargh (SD567327)
Meets:  M61, A6, A49, A582, B5257, M65, A675, A59, A5085, M6
Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
EP Eastern Primary
Junction List
Junc Northbound Southbound
Clayton Brook Start of Road M61
- A6 A6
Lostock Hall A49, A582 A49, A582
Brownedge Roundabout No Exit B5257
Cinnamon Hill M65 M65
- PWLR, Hennel La PWLR, Hennel La
- A6, A675 No Exit
- A59 A59
Holme Slack No Exit A5085
- B6241 B6241
Haighton M6 M6
- B6243 Start of Road

The Eastern Primary was a planned major road serving the eastern side of the Central Lancashire New Town. It was first announced in the late 1960s and by the mid 1970s it was fully appraised apart from the section in the vicinity of the A59. It would have been built to dual carriageway standards and feature grade separated junctions in common with similar roads in other new towns at the time.

The road would have started on the M61 at Clayton Brook Interchange which would have been a simple south facing fork. The next junction would be a roundabout interchange at the A6 just to the southeast of Bamber Bridge Interchange. After passing over the M6 there would be another roundabout interchange serving the A49 and A582 at Lostock Hall. The road then swings northwards and from here it was actually built in the 1980s as London Way although with roundabouts rather than interchanges. The next junction was to be a half diamond serving the B5257 which is now a simple roundabout. Just north of here would have been a three level stacked roundabout called Cinnamon Hill which would have seen the M65 and Preston Southern Bypass pass below. The next junction was to be a roundabout interchange serving a link road to the Penwortham Bypass. There is also a link to Hennel Lane. This junction was built as a plain roundabout with space for the link road should it ever materialise. The next junction is a limited access roundabout interchange with south facing slips only. This is where London Way merges into Victoria Road. This is also the point where the remainder of the Eastern Primary was never built. We now cross over the river to the next junction at the A59. This is the only junction where no layout is known. The road now follows or consumes the A5085 as far as a trumpet interchange at Holme Slack. The next junction is a roundabout interchange in the vicinity of Andertons Way which would have connected Eastway (B6241} to the Eastern Primary. The final junction would have been the connection to the M6 at Haighton Interchange. The road continues eastwards to Grimsargh although no detailed plans are known to exist for this section nor how it would have connected to the B6243.

Plan of the road showing known junction layouts

Eastern Primary (Preston)
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Clayton Brook 1970s proposal.pngBrownedge Roundabout original plan.pngHolme Slack Interchange.pngLostock Hall Interchange.pngPreston Eastern Primary.png
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