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From:  Tottenham (TQ337910)
To:  Liverpool Street (TQ328819)
Distance:  6.8 miles (10.9 km)
Primary Destinations
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Route outline (key)
CS1 White Hart Lane - Broadgate

Cycle Superhighway 1 is a major cycle route heading into The City from White Hart Lane Stadium, Tottenham to the north. It loosely follows the A10 to the west of it, employing back roads and reducing the number of traffic signals over the main road alternative.


Beginning at the junction of High Road and Church Road in Tottenham, outside Tottenham Hotspur's stadium, the superhighway travels west, under the railway and then down Church Lane to the A10. After crossing the A10 it follows Broadwater Road and Napier Road, before turning right onto Philip Lane. At Tottenham Green, the cycle superhighway cuts the corner and briefly follows the A10 High Road through Seven Sisters. After passing South Tottenham station, the cycle route turns right onto Ermine Road (presumably named after Ermine Street, the Roman Road that is now High Road), left onto St Ann's Road, under the railway, and left again onto Frinton Road, which becomes Holmdale Terrace.

After crossing the A107 at Stamford Hill station, the superhighway follows West Bank, before turning onto Fairholt Road and then turning again onto Heathland Road which becomes Bouverie Road and then, after crossing the B104, Defoe Road. Through Stoke Newington the cycle route takes Neville Road and Wordsworth Road. At Dalston, it takes Boleyn Road to the North London Line, heading west along St Jude Street before crossing the railway and ending up on Kingsbury Road. After briefly travelling along Balls Pond Road, it heads south along Culford Road before jumping a block east to De Beauvoir Road. From here it is straight cycling along the road, which becomes Whitmore Road, then Pitfield Street. South of the New North Road, Pitfield Street becomes the B101, ending at the London Inner Ring Road where Great Eastern Street diverges from Old Street. Inside the Ring Road, it follows Paul Street, which becomes Wilson Street, before ending at Sun Street.


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