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A list of the changes to the road network in Great Britain from 1960 - 1969. Includes road openings and renumberings.

Road Openings

Year Number on opening Location Traditional County Notes
1960 M6 Galgate - Carnforth Lancashire Lancaster Bypass from J33 to J35a. The spur near Carnforth left over when M6 was extended northwards was later renumbered as A601(M)
1960 M50 Ross On Wye - Twyning Herefordshire
Motorway Stage 1
1960 A41 Bolton Road - Thornburn Road Cheshire New Ferry Bypass Stage 1
1960 A1 Biggleswade Bedfordshire Biggleswade Bypass
1960 A1 Blyth Nottinghamshire Blyth Bypass
1960 A1 Little Ponton - Gonerby Moor Lincolnshire Grantham Bypass
1960 A1 Great Casterton - Wothorpe Rutland Stamford Bypass
1960 A1 Hatfield - South Mimms Hertfordshire South Mimms Bypass, later bypassed by A1(M) in 1979
1960 A1 Wetherby - Allerton Yorkshire Dualling, later renumbered as A168 in 1995 & 2005 when bypassed by A1(M)
1960 A1 Allerton - Boroughbridge Yorkshire Dualling, later renumbered as A168 in 1995 when bypassed by A1(M)
1960 A1 Micklefield Yorkshire Micklefield Bypass, later redesignated to A1(M) in 1999
1961 A1(M) Redhouse - Blyth Yorkshire
Doncaster Bypass, A1's first motorway
1961 A1 Redhouse - Wentbridge Yorkshire Dualling
1961 A1 Wentbridge - Ferrybridge Yorkshire Dualling
1961 A1 Wentbridge Yorkshire Wentbridge Bypass
1961 A4 Hammersmith, London Middlesex Opening of Hammersmith Flyover
1961 A74 Lesmahagow - Happendon Lanarkshire Dualling, later renumbered as B7078 in 1987
1961 A30 Staines Surrey Staines Bypass
1961 A38 Plymouth Devon Opening of Tamar Bridge
1961 A20(M) Quarry Wood - Eyhorne Kent Maidstone Bypass, now part of M20
1961 A63 North Ferriby - Kingston Upon Hull Yorkshire North Ferriby & Hessle Bypass
1961 M4 Maidenhead Berkshire Maidenhead bypass (J7-9). Known as A4(M) until just prior to opening
1961 A77 Monkton - Whitletts Ayrshire Prestwick Bypass
1961 A533 Runcorn - Widnes Cheshire
Opening of the Runcorn Bridge, later renamed as Silver Jubilee Bridge in 1977 to celebrate Queen's Silver Jubilee
1961 A4150 Wolverhampton Inner Ring Road Stage I Staffordshire Ring Road St. John's
Summer 1962 A249 Detling Kent Detling bypass
1962 M5 Lydiate Ash - Strensham Worcestershire Motorway from J4 to J8
1962 M50 Twyning - Strensham Gloucestershire
Motorway stage 2 link from J1 to M5 J8
1962 M6 Acton Gate - Cresswell Staffordshire Stafford Bypass from J13 to J14
1962 M6 Cresswell - Hanchurch Staffordshire Extended from J14 to J15
1962 M6 Hanchurch - Barthomley Staffordshire
Extended from J15 to J16
1962 A34 Oxford Oxfordshire Oxford Western Bypass as single carriageway,later dualled in 1973
1962 A38 Alrewas - Wychnor Staffordshire Dualling
1962 A38 Wychnor - Barton Turn Staffordshire Dualling
1962 A1 Ranby - Blyth Nottinghamshire Dualling
1962 A1(M) Stevenage - Welwyn Hertfordshire Extended from J6 to J8
1962 A1 Brotherton - Ferrybridge Yorkshire Brotherton Bypass, later renumbered as A162 & A1246 when bypassed by A1(M) 2006
1962 A74 Abington - Crawford Lanarkshire Crawford & Abington Bypass & Dualling, later renumbered as A702 as single carriageway
1962 A74 Beattock - Lockerbie Dumfriesshire Dualling, later renumbered as B7076 as single carriageway in 1990s
1962 A74 Lockerbie - Ecclefechan Dumfriesshire Dualling, later renumbered as B7076 as single carriageway in 1990s
1962 A985 Torryburn bypass Fife Old road is B9037
1963 A74 Beattock Dumfriesshire Beattock Bypass, later renumbered as A701 as single carriageway in 1999
1963 M2 Medway Bridge - Stockbury Kent Present J2 to J5
1963 M4 Slough - Maidenhead Buckinghamshire
Slough Bypass J5-7
1963 M6 Barthomley - Lymm Cheshire Extended from J16 to J20
1963 M6 Lymm - Bamber Bridge Cheshire
Extended from J20 to J29
1963 A739 Govan - Whitenich, Glasgow Lanarkshire Opening of Clyde Tunnel
1963 A80,A876 Castlecary-Dunipace/North Broomage Stirlingshire Denny Bypass, now M80 and M876
1963 A63 Welton - North Ferriby Yorkshire Melton Bypass
1963 A34 Newbury Berkshire Newbury Original Bypass
1963 A1 Boroughbridge Yorkshire Boroughbridge bypass, renumbered as A168 as single carriageway when bypassed by A1(M) in 1995
1963 A1 Aberford Yorkshire Aberford Bypass, later renumbered as A1(M) in 1999
1963 A4150 Wolverhampton Inner Ring Road Stage II Staffordshire Ring Road St. Mark's. Northern terminus was at Salop Street
1964 A1 Fernwood - North Muskham Nottinghamshire Newark Bypass
1964 A4 Keynsham Somerset Keynsham Bypass
1964 A48 Newport Monmouthshire George Street Bridge, later downgraded to B4237
1964 A74 Mossband Cumberland Mossband Viaduct, but demolished in 2008 by M6
1964 A896 Shieldaig - Annat Ross & Cromarty Balgy Gap; also re-numbering of B857 and B858 to A896
1964 A90 Forth Road Bridge West Lothian
Opening of Forth Road Bridge
1964 A90, M90, A823(M) Inverkeithing to Duloch Fife Inverkeithing Bypass & Scotland's first motorway from J1 to J2
1964 A38 Barton Turn - Branston Staffordshire Dualling
1964 A58(M) Westgate - Claypit Lane,Leeds Yorkshire Leeds Inner Ring Road Phase 1
1964 A52 Hopwell Firs - Bramcote Derbyshire
Stapleford Bypass
1964 A1 Brotherton - Micklefield Yorkshire Dualling, Later renumbered as A1246 as single carriageway & A63 when bypassed by A1(M) in 2006
1964 A1 Alconbury Huntingdonshire Alconbury Bypass, later renumbered as A1(M) in 1998
1965 A66(M) A1(M) to Blackwell Yorkshire Entire motorway
1965 M2 Three Crutches to Medway Bridge Kent Present J1 to J2
1965 M2 Stockbury to Faversham Kent Present J5 to J7
1965 M6 Preston to Galgate Lancashire Extended from J32 to J33
1965 M8 Harthill Lanarkshire Extended from J4 to J6
1965 A1 Aberford to Wetherby Yorkshire Dualling, later renumbered as minor road & A168 as single carriageway when bypassed by A1(M) in 1999 & 2009
1965 A9 Dunblane-Greenloaning Stirling Dualling
1965 M4 Chiswick - Slough Middlesex
M4 J1-5
1965 M5 Quinton - Lydiate Ash Worcestershire Extended from J3 to J4
1965 A38 Rubery Worcestershire Rubery Bypass
1965 A74 Lockerbie Dumfrieshire Lockerbie Bypass, later renumbered as B7076 as single carriageway in 1995
1965 A85 North Inchmichael - Longforgan Perthshire Dualling, later renumbered to A90 in 1994
1966 A92 Newport On Tay - Dundee Fife
Opening of Tay Road Bridge
1966 A21 Chipstead - Lansdown Kent Sevenoaks Bypass
1966 M4 Tormarton - Almondsbury Gloucestershire J18-20.
1966 A48 Cowbridge Glarmorgan Cowbridge Bypass
1966 A48(M) Port Talbot Glamorgan Port Talbot bypass, now part of M4
1966 M4 Almondsbury - Aust Gloucestershire J20-21.
1966 M4 Aust - Crick Gloucestershire
J21-23 including Severn and Wye bridges. Renumbered M48 in 1996
1966 M4 M4 mainline - Hambrook Gloucestershire Hambrook Spur motorway - now part of M32
1966 A30 Honiton Devon Honiton Bypass
1966 M6 Darlaston - Shareshill Staffordshire Extended from J10 to J11
1966 M6 Shareshill - Acton Gate Staffordshire Extended from J11 to J13
1966 M74 Bothwell - Larkhall Lanarkshire Present J5 to J8
1967 A74 Ecclefechan Dumfriesshire Ecclefechan Bypass, later renumbered as B7076 as single carriageway in 1990s
1967 A74 Ecclefechan - Kirkpatrick Fleming Dumfriesshire Dualling, later renumbered as B7076 as single carriageway in 1990s
1967 A74 Harthorpe Viaduct - Beattock Lanarkshire
Dualling, later renumbered as B7076 as single carriageway in 1990s
1967 A108 Tyne Tunnel, Jarrow - North Shields Northumberland
Opening of Tyne Tunnel, renumbered to A1 in 1978, now A19
1967 A38 Branston - Stretton Staffordshire Burton-on-Trent Bypass
1967 A57(M) Hulme - Ardwick, Manchester Lancashire Mancunian Way from A56 to A6
1967 A1 Carlton - Markham Moor Nottinghamshire Sutton On Trent, Tuxford & Markham Moor Bypass
1967 M4 Newport Monmouthshire Newport bypass. (J24-28).
1967 M4 Crick - Newport Monmouthshire J23-24. (J23 later renumbered J23a).
1967 A1 Ferrybridge - Brotherton Yorkshire Ferrybridge Bypass, renumbered as A162 when bypassed by A1(M) in 2006
1968 M6 Penrith - Caithwaite Cumberland
Penrith Bypass from J40 to J41
1968 M6 Bescot - Darlaston Staffordshire Extended from J9 to J10
1968 M74 Maryville - Bothwell Lanarkshire Present J4 to J5
1968 A8(M) Renfrew - Bishopton Renfrewshire Renfrew Bypass, later incorporated into M8
1968 A1 Long Bennington Lincolnshire Long Bennington Bypass
1968 A20 Swanley Kent Swanley Bypass
1968 A33 Chandler's Ford Hampshire Chandler's Ford Bypass. Later upgraded to M3.
1968 A130 Sawston Cambridgeshire Sawston Bypass originally as A130, later renumbered as A1301
1968 A38 Cullompton Devon Cullompton Bypass. Later swallowed up by M5.
1969 A540 Wirral Cheshire Dualling Two Mills (A550) to Neston
1969 A38 Allestree to Little Eaton Derbyshire Derby Western Bypass Stage 1
1969 M5 Almondsbury to Avonmouth Gloucestershire Extended from J15 to J18
1969 A34 Winchester Hampshire Winchester Bypass
1969 A46 Syston Leicestershire Syston Bypass
1969 A64(M) Claypit Lane to Woodpecker Junction, Leeds Yorkshire Leeds Inner Ring Road Stage 2
1969 M61 Preston - Horwich Lancashire Present M6 to J4

Other changes in 1960s

1967. A373 from Charmouth to Honiton becomes A35, rerouted from Charmouth to Exeter, which becomes A3052. This is to take advantage of the new A30 Honiton bypass, opened on Dec 12 1966.

Network changes - 1960s
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