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Granton Square

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Granton Square
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Granton, Edinburgh
Highway Authority
Junction Type
Roads Joined
A901, A903
Granton Square

The terminus of both the A901 and A903, Granton Square was never a built up urban square, instead it seems that there were very few buildings here until relatively recently. The two stone blocks are original, but other than that the only building for many years was the waiting room / public convenience building for the trams/buses that used to terminate in the middle of the square.

Set at the head of the middle pier of Granton Harbour, Granton Square must however have been a busy place, with lots of traffic for the docks passing through. Today it is still a busy place, albeit the traffic more related to the new residential developments in the old harbour and the industry further upstream on the Forth. The Square seems to have worked as a roundabout for many years, but is now signed and marked out as such, with some complicated traffic islands and markings to accommodate the number of roads leading off the square.

Indeed, whilst the square is reasonably large, all 6 roads approach the junction on its two short sides, three at each end. The short sides of the square are both parts of longer, parallel, thoroughfares with an additional road joining at right angles between them on both sides. This means that, for instance, the road approaching from due south has to give way to traffic heading west onto West Granton Road, and then to eastbound traffic from the same road before merging with it to join the roundabout proper!

Granton Square
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