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Location Map
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From:  Grangemouth (NS955800)
To:  Stirling (NS799930)
Distance:  15.5 miles (24.9 km)
Meets:  A904, A9, M9, A904, M9, A88, M876, A876, A91, A9, A811, B8052
Highway Authorities

Falkirk • Stirling

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A905 Grangemouth - Stirling


The A905 follows the River Forth inland from Grangemouth to Stirling.

Grangemouth - Stirling

Originally the road started on the A9 (now A803) in Redding. However, this road was severed with the building of the M9 and so the A905 now starts on the A904 at the Eastern edge of the Grangemouth refinery and petrochemical complex. Whereas the A904 turns to the North West and runs right through the middle of the complex, the A905 takes the more direct route to the West, skirting the Southern boundary of the site.

Meeting up with the B9143 at Wholeflats roundabout, we then turn sharp left, heading South along Inchyra Road to the Cadgers Brae Roundabout, at which 3 of the 4 sliproads of Junction 5 of the M9 converge, together with the start of the A9. Turning again, this time to the right, we now head North Westwards, running alongside the M9. After the 4th sliproad (southbound offslip) of the M9 junction 5 joins us at traffic lights, we then come to a roundabout junction with the B9132, which would take us into the heart of Grangemouth.

Continuing on past a couple of motor garages on the left, and then crossing the railway serving the petrochemical complex and docks, we now come to Junction 6 of the M9, firstly at Earls Gate Roundabout, for the northbound onslip. We also meet up with the A904 again here. Leaving the A904 to head up towards Falkirk, we continue to run alongside the Motorway, although we veer away slightly, avoiding buildings and then a little further north the southbound offslip joins the A905, much as happened at J5! The A905 then crosses the Kerse Bridge over the River Carron, with a recent addition of a lifting bridge to cross the eastern extension of the Forth and Clyde Canal on the southern bank of the river.

Across the river, we head towards the village of Skinflats, where a considerable amount of traffic calming would cause problems for anything much bigger than a transit. Leaving Skinflats, we are now heading almost due North, and shortly meet the A88 at the South Bellsdyke Roundabout. (Just South of this roundabout, for traffic heading South there is what appears to be an incorrect sign. Although the A905 goes right through Skinflats, the sign gives the mileage to there in brackets, suggesting that another route needs to be taken!)

A905 just south of the junction with the M876

From here to the next junction, Bowtrees Interchange where the M876 passes overhead, becoming the A876 as it does so, the road is dualled and gets rather busy at peak times. After passing the M876/A876, the road takes on more of a rural character, continuing Northwards through Airth, before reaching the hamlet of Bowmore, where we turn towards the North West (continuing Northwards would land us in the river Forth!). Reaching South Alloa, we now turn almost due West, heading through Throsk and Fallin (another village with a lot of traffic calming) before meeting up with the A91 at Millhall Roundabout.

Continuing West, we are now in the outskirts of Stirling, in the city's 'Motor Mile' (with around a dozen car showrooms in close proximity), with the Springkerse retail park, and then Springkerse Industrial Estate off to the right. Finally, we cross the railway again (this time the main North - South line from Edinburgh - Glasgow to Inverness and Aberdeen) and come to a halt at the Craigs Roundabout where we meet the A9 once again, as well as the A811 and the B8052.


Whilst much of the A905 still follows the route set out back in 1922, the Grangemouth end has seen a lot of change, largely thanks to the construction of the M9. Originally, the A905 started on the A9 (now the A803) at the crossroads on Polmont Road in the Westquarter/Redding area of Falkirk. From here, it ran north to meet the new A9 at East Beancross Farm, and then turned north west, crossing the motorway, to join its current route near the southbound offslip of J5 of the M9.

Much of the current route extension to the east is a new build, firstly running alongside the motorway, and then as the dualled section heading north. Some of this may, however, predate the motorway and have been constructed as a local road alongside the new housing developments and expansion of the Grangemouth works. It is only when the modern A905 reaches the River Avon that it takes over a historic road. Just after the new bridge, a side turning crosses a small iron bridge to Avondale Road. This is the old B904 route, which continued along Wholeflats Road, now realigned as the A905, to meet the A904 at Inveravon Roundabout half a mile further on.

Other changes are limited to the re-profiling of a couple of bends, most noticeably at Throsk, and the new line through Millhall Roundabout and past Springkerse at Stirling. The current western end of the road is slightly to the east of the original terminus as it has been cut back to end on the A9 relief road; the original line of the A9 through town was along Port Street.

JunctionsBeancross Roundabout • Bowtrees Interchange • Broadleys Roundabout • Cadgers Brae Roundabout • Craigs Roundabout • Earls Gate Roundabout • Inveravon Roundabout • Millhall Roundabout • South Bellsdyke Roundabout • Springbank Roundabout • Wholeflats Roundabout
CrossingsKerse Bridge
PlacesFalkirk • Stirling
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