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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Benton Square (NZ298700)
To:  Bebside Hall (NZ270809)
Via:  Cramlington
Distance:  9.7 miles (15.6 km)
Meets:  A191, B1317, A188, A189, A1056, A190, B1321, A189, A19, A1171, B1326, A1061, A192, A189, A193
Former Number(s):  B1318, A189
Highway Authorities

North Tyneside  • Northumberland

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B1505 Benton Square - Bebside Hall

The B1505 is a largely urban B-road in south Northumberland.

The road starts at a roundabout on the A191 in Benton Square and heads west along the Great Lyme Road, which was originally numbered B1318. We go over the Metro by Palmersville station and then run through Forest Hall, where we cross the B1317 at traffic lights. After going under the East Coast Main Line the original line of the A188 comes in from the left at a mini-roundabout. This is now a slightly realigned spur of the B1505 which leads to a roundabout where it meets the present A188 and A189 and is the way traffic is directed. Meanwhile the mainline of the B1505 continues ahead to another roundabout. Originally the B1318 continued ahead and the road to the left and the right was the A189. The construction of the present A189, however, severed these two roads and so the B1505 turns right onto the only other road at the roundabout which is not a dead end. We now follow the pre-bypass A189 for the rest of the route.

After a level crossing on the ECML the road crosses a green area to TOTSO left at a T-junction. We head northwards along the edge of Killingworth, cross the A1056 at a roundabout and then zigzag through Burradon, where there are some sharp corners. We then meet a large roundabout on the A189 and A190. From here there are two one-way roads, almost slip roads, to a much smaller roundabout, where the B1321 heads west and we continue north along a traffic-calmed route through Annitsford to meet the A19 and A189 again at the next roundabout. Once again two one-way roads connect the large roundabout to a smaller one, this time a mini-roundabout, where the A1171 heads west and we continue north.


If we were running close to the A189 before we're now closer still, although as is usual the A-road is never completely visible. We skirt the New Town of Cramlington and then run through a GSJ with the A189 where we are the dominant number in a short multiplex with the B1326. Although few buildings actually front onto the B1505 a number of residential side roads lead off it and so the speed limit is deliberately low. Presently we reach a T-junction on another A189 GSJ where we TOTSO left (right forms the northbound sliproads) and then continue ahead at a roundabout (the A1061 which leads to the southbound sliproads heads off right).

After a few bends we go under a west-facing GSJ with the A192 and then briefly run alongside that road to a T-junction. A spur to the right leads to a large roundabout where the A192 meets the A189 and access in all directions is possible. The mainline of the B1505 TOTSOs left and enters open country for the first time on its route. This doesn't last for long, however, as we soon reach Bebside Hall, where the A193 comes in from the right and takes on the road ahead. The fact that that road TOTSOs shows the old road numbering here, where the A189 continued on into Bedlington.

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