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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Newport Interchange (A66/A1032) (NZ480198)
To:  Middlehaven Interchange (A66) (NZ507201)
Via:  Middlehaven
Distance:  5.3 km (3.3 miles)
Meets:  A66, A1032, C128, A178, C129, B1513, B1272
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B1541 Newport Junction - Middlehaven Interchange

The B1541 is a series of roads following the bank of the River Tees to the north of Middlesbrough.


The route starts at Newport Interchange with the A66, A1042 and the B6541. It heads northwards along Ironmasters Road, initially running parallel to the A66 before curving to the left, crossing the Tees Valley railway line and reaching a roundabout. Currently this roundabout doesn't connect to anything else, but presumably it will one day. The route continues along Ironmasters Road, now parallel to both the A66 and the railway line, before shortly reaching another roundabout. Both routes left and right here are called Riverside Park Road, but we follow the left branch into the industrial park.

This industrial park, aptly named the Riverside Park Industrial Estate, is situated in the land between the A66 and this meander of the River Tees, and as a result, we're often not very far from the river, often only separated from it by industrial units, though these do get progressively larger as we continue along the route. We curve to the right to run parallel to the river, and subsequently pass two right turns, for Holwick Road and Drake Court respectively, before Barton Road curves off to the left. We next encounter Startforth Road to the right, before we meet Barton Road again, with High Force Road just beyond it. At this point, we start curving to the right again, largely to prevent us from ploughing into the Tees, and meet Collingwood Court and Brighouse Road to the left, and then Mickleton Road to the right, which links back to Startforth. We continue on, before encountering another right bend, taking us past the Teessaurus Park on the left and Whorlton Road on the right, before we meet Startforth again as we finally straighten out. The Port of Middlesbrough building looms over us to the left as we pass Bowes Road, and then Forty Foot Road (it's actually over 3,000ft), which will eventually lead back to the roundabout we used to enter the industrial estate. After passing the Forty Foot Road turnoff, our road name changes to Depot Road, and shortly reach a roundabout with Snowdon Road.

We carry straight on over the roundabout onto Vulcan Street, passing North Street to the the right before meeting the A178 just before it passes over the Transporter Bridge. We continue along Vulcan Street, passing by Middlesbrough College as we go, and after a brief kink to the left, we begin a curve right and at some point our road name changes to Priestman Road. We cross the Middlesbrough Dock Bridge, and meet a junction with the B1513 and the enterance to the Riverside Stadium, home of Middlesbrough Football Club. The B1541 crosses the junction onto Shepherdson Way, where we rise up to cross the Tees Valley line yet again, before descended to a roundabout which provides access to some services and an attempt at a retail park, before we meet the A66 and the B1272 at a diamond junction shortly after, which signals the end of our journey along the B1541.


It is likely that the route was created in 2018 during a "Network Review" by Middlesbrough Council as it appears on a network map supplied by the council in a Freedom of Information request. As of June 2023 the route does not appear on Ordnance Survey mapping or Google Maps, nor does it appear on any signs.

The B1513 and B1272 have both been extended to meet the new route.

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