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From:  Newcastle-upon-Tyne (NZ252645)
To:  Bedlington (NZ256819)
Via:  Tynemouth, Blyth
Distance:  21.4 miles (34.4 km)
Meets:  A167(M), B1309, B1600, B1311, B1312, A187, B1313, A188, A186, B1315, A19, A1108, A1149, B1304, A1149, B143, A192, A1058, A191, A1148, B1325, A190, A1061, B1329, B1327, B1523, B1328, A189, B1505, B1331, A1068
Former Number(s):  A695, B1324, A187, A194, A1062, A189
Old route now:  B1312, B1329
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Newcastle upon Tyne • North Tyneside • Northumberland

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A193 Newcastle-upon-Tyne - Bedlington

The A193 is a long-way-round route in southeast Northumberland, forming the shape of a backwards C.


Newcastle upon Tyne - Tynemouth

Byker cutting

The road starts at New Bridge Street Roundabout, a GSJ on the A167(M) on the eastern edge of Newcastle upon Tyne city centre. The road heads east along the eponymous New Bridge Street, soon crossing a bridge over the East Coast Main Line and the metro. After crossing the Ouseburn the road widens to dual carriageway with the metro line elevated above the central reservation. The road narrows again after the next roundabout and the metro descends to Byker station, next to which the A193 enters a cutting as it passes to the north of the Byker Wall. The road climbs again as it bears left to reach a roundabout and the A187, which flirts with the A193 for the whole of that road's route.

The A193 turns right at the next roundabout (ahead is the A188) and TOTSOs left at the next set of traffic lights (the unclassified road ahead leads to the A187). The road continues along Shields Road through the suburb of Walkergate and presently bears to the left to go under the metro again, at a more traditional railway bridge. It then passes along Wallsend High Street, crossing the A186 at traffic lights before reaching a roundabout on the edge of a playing field. A spur of the A193 to the right heads south to meet the A187.

The road crosses the top of the Willington Gut to run through Rosehill and Howden to meet the A19. This is the first full-access GSJ north of the Tyne Tunnel. The road now becomes dual carriageway for a short distance. A spur of the A187 is met at the next roundabout, after which the road goes over the North Tyneside Steam Railway and narrows again at the following roundabout. After passing Meadow Well the road meets the A1108 at a roundabout where it turns right before bending round to the left again to reach North Shields. The A193 passes to the north of the town centre and meets the A1149 and A192 at traffic lights before reaching the end of the A187, also at traffic lights.

Now the closest classified road to the River Tyne the A193 goes through Northumberland Park with the metro once again just to the right before being crossed. The road bends round to the left as it approaches the centre of Tynemouth. After passing a prominent church with a spire (now the Green Ginger shopping arcade) the A193 TOTSOs left. It has little choice if it wishes to continue, as both right and straight ahead lead to the sea.

Tynemouth - Blyth

Now heading roughly northwards, the A193 runs along Manor Road through Tynemouth, soon crossing the metro again. The A1058 is met at a roundabout as the road skirts Cullercoats on Broadway, a wide avenue with service roads. The A191 is then met and the A193 crosses the metro for the last time just to the west of Whitley Bay station to reach a signalised T-junction in the town centre. The road TOTSOs right then left at the next set of traffic lights. The road continues north through town to reach a one-way system by Whitley Park. Northbound traffic continues ahead to TOTSO right at traffic lights then left onto the Promenade, the first time the road is within sight of the sea. Southbound traffic continues along the (two-way) Promenade to TOTSO right at traffic lights by the park to rejoin the other carriageway.

Whitley Bay

The A193 heads north along the coast, with the landmark St Mary's Lighthouse, now a museum, clearly visible ahead. The A1148 is met at a roundabout after which the road becomes dual for a few hundred yards. As the road narrows it turns sharply left to pass a caravan park then right to run slightly further inland than before. The road has now left the urban area behind but it is not rural for long. At the next roundabout it meets the B1325 and enters the village of Seaton Sluice. It crosses the Seaton Burn above the harbour and meets the A190 at a roundabout before reaching open country once more. To the left are open fields; to the right, sand dunes.

Under a mile further on the road becomes dual for no apparent reason. This takes us to a roundabout on the A1061 on the southern edge of Blyth. The old road through town, now the B1329, lies to the right but we now continue ahead on a road that avoids the town centre but not the urban area.

Blyth - Bedlington

The A193 goes through Blyth on a typical suburban road liberally scattered with roundabouts. At the far end of the "bypass" the B1329 meets us at a mini-roundabout after which we turn sharply to the left. There is no bridge across the River Blyth here so we head inland instead. After crossing a disused railway line the road runs through the suburb of Cowpen to reach a roundabout GSJ on the A189, which continues to the right as the coast road.


The A193 continues ahead crossing a freight-only railway line at a level crossing almost immediately before a short rural section takes it to a T-junction. To the left is the B1505 and we TOTSO right. The road winds to cross a bridge over the River Blyth and enter Bedlington. It runs along Front Street before ending at a roundabout on the A1068 on the western side of town.


As may be expected by looking at its route, the A193 has been cobbled together from other roads.

On classification in 1922 the A193 was only the coast road, running between Tynemouth and Blyth, where it ended on the A695 and A194 respectively. Unusually, both ends were end-on meetings rather than one road turning off the other. The current section of A193 from Newcastle to Tynemouth was then the A695; from Blyth to south of Bedlington was the A194; and through Bedlington, the A1062.

This situation existed until the 1940s. After World War II the A194 was abolished and so the A193 took over part of its route, as far as the TOTSO to the south of Bedlington, ending on an extended A189. When that road was upgraded onto its current route, the A193 took over the former northern end of the A189 into Bedlington itself.

At the other end, the A695 was cut back so that its eastern end was in Newcastle in 1972. The old road was then renumbered as an extension of the A193. In the 1990s the A187 was extended west of its current terminus along the western end of the A193 to meet the new A1 Newcastle western bypass. This extension did not last long and now the A193 has taken this section back again and ends in Newcastle once again.

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