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B62 (Northern Ireland)

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From:  Ballymena (D104034)
To:  Portrush (C885405)
Via:  Rasharkin, Ballymoney
Distance:  30.7 miles (49.4 km)
Meets:  A26, B93, B64, B70, B66, B16, B147, A26, B67, B17, A2
Former Number(s):  A26
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Route outline (key)
B62 Ballymena - Portrush
B62 Spur at Ballymoney
On the B62 at Ballygobbin: heading south-east towards Ballymoney

The B62 is a long B-road in north County Antrim.

The road starts at a roundabout on the A26 Ballymena relief road and heads northwest out of town, running parallel to the Belfast to Derry railway line, which is crossed at a level crossing on the edge of Cullybackey. In the centre of the village the B62 crosses the River Main and TOTSOs right immediately afterwards. Ahead is the B93 and that road multiplexes with us briefly to the north.

The B62 follows the river downstream for a short distance before turning away. It heads northwest across the fields to Rasharkin and TOTSOs right on the near side of the village on meeting a spur of the B64, whose mainline crosses in the village centre. The B62 runs along Main Street before reentering open country and continuing north.

After going through Finvoy the B62 reaches Ballymoney. On the southern side of town there's a T-junction, where the road TOTSOs right to become the dominant number in a multiplex with the B66 which runs into the town centre. The Belfast to Derry railway line is crossed once again before a roundabout is reached. At one time the B62 met the A26 here but that road now bypasses the town, so the B62 has taken over the pre-bypass route in both directions. To the right is a spur of about a mile (signposted back to Ballymena; the A26 is the more direct route) which reaches the A26 at a T-junction. The mainline of the B62 turns left.

Continuing north through Ballymoney, the multiplex with the B66 ends at traffic lights and then a mini-roundabout is reached. The now unclassified former A26 turns off to the left at this point and the A26 bypass is reached at a roundabout a short distance further on.

The B62 continues north along the remarkably straight Ballybogy Road, which, shortly after leaving Ballymoney, gains hard shoulders (despite the road's remaining S2) lasting for a couple of miles to Ballybogy itself. The road now becomes more winding. After crossing the B17 it crosses a ridge before descending to the coast. Finally the road bends to the left to end at a T-junction on the A2 to the east of Portrush.

B62 (Northern Ireland)
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Ballybogy, County Antrim - Geograph - 342147.jpgB62 at Ballygobbin - Geograph - 847999.jpgPre-Worboys 'lay-by ahead' sign, Ballymena - Geograph - 3768104.jpg
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