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Ring Road symbol

The following list of roads are signposted as Ring Roads, either with the "R" symbol, or by using an alternative title such as "Loop" or "Orbital Route". Not all Ring Roads are signposted fully, nor do they all form complete loops around a given area.

A number of Ring Roads are made up of one number, but some may have several. There is no hard guidance - it is simply up to local authorities or the Highways Agency to decide as they see fit.

Route From To Length
M25 Fleet Downs, near Dartford Thurrock 117 miles View
M60 Stockport Stockport 35.3 miles View 
M50 Dublin Port Shankill 41.4 km View
A57(M) Deansgate Downing Street 1.3 miles View
A58(M) Wellington Street Claypit Lane 1.1 miles View
A64(M) Claypit Lane York Road 1 mile View 
A100 Tower Hill Bricklayers Arms 1.2 miles View
A147 Norwich Norwich 4.2 miles View
A380 Kennford Collaton St Mary 18 miles View
A501 Paddington London Wall 4.5 miles View
A563 Humberstone Oadby 14.7 miles View
A594 Leicester College Leicester College 3.7 miles View
A601 Derby Derby 2.3 miles View
A888 Castlebay (Bàgh a' Chaisteil) Castlebay (Bàgh a' Chaisteil) 12.9 miles View
A972 Arbroath Road Forfar Road 1.1 miles View
A978 Old Aberdeen Holburn Junction, Aberdeen 2.8 miles View
A989 Perth Railway Station Perth Railway Station 2.0 miles View
A991 Dundee Station Dundee Station 1.8 miles View
A1022 St Matthew's Street Slade Street 0.8 miles View
A1074 Old Catton Old Catton 10.4 miles View
A1134 Cambridge Cambridge 10.2 miles View
A1139 Eye Orton 9.6 miles View
A1157 Grange Road Woodland Road 1.0 mile View
A1214 Copdock Martlesham 8.7 miles View
A1237 Hopgrove Copmanthorpe 9.8 miles View
A1251 Waterloo Road St Edwards Way 1.0 mile View
A4040 The Hawthorns Handsworth 26.5 miles View
A4044 St James Barton Redcliff 1.2 miles View
A4053 Coventry Coventry (circular) 2.2 miles View
A4148 Bescot, Walsall Bescot (circular) 5.7 miles View
A4150 Wolverhampton Wolverhampton 2.1 miles View
A4174 Filton Long Ashton 17.9 miles View
A4289 Kingshill Transfer Bridges 2.7 miles View
A4400 Holloway Circus Lancaster Circus 2.0 miles View
A4540 Birmingham Birmingham 6.8 miles View
A5058 Bootle Garston 8.8 miles View
A5111 Mackworth Spondon 6.3 miles View
A5187 Newport Road Foregate Street 0.55 miles View
A5268 Chester Chester 2.0 miles View
A6009 Rosemary Street, Mansfield St Peter's Way, Mansfield (circular route) 2.1 miles View
A6010 Higher Broughton Chorlton-cum-Hardy 9.8 miles View
A6078 Townsmoor, Blackburn Townsmoor, Blackburn 2.7 miles View
A6102 Greenhill, Sheffield Deepcar 17.3 miles View
A6110 White Rose Shopping Centre Stanningley By Pass 4.2 miles View
A6119 Shackerley Bar, Blackburn Intack 4.9 miles View
A6120 New Pudsey Colton 14.6 miles View
A6123 Herringthorpe Rotherham 5.0 miles View
A6177 Bradford Bradford 9.5 miles View
A6181 Canal Road Leeds Road 1.6 miles View
A6514 Nottingham University Arnold 4.6 miles View  
B590 Rugby Road Rugby Road 2.2 miles View
B889 Castlebay (Bagh a' Chaisteil) Castlebay (Bagh a' Chaisteil) 12.9 miles View
B896 Millport Millport 9.9 miles View
B1600 Forth Street Jesmond Dene Road 3.5 miles View
B4456 Pleck Pleck via loop 5.1 miles View
N40 Dunkettle Curraheen 15.3 km View   
C36 Kildrum Kildrum 5.2 miles View
C22E West Road Lossiemouth Road 2.6 miles View 


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