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From:  Kennford (SX910852)
To:  Collaton St Mary (SX871600)
Distance:  18 miles (29 km)
Meets:  A38, A381, A3022, A385
Old route now:  B3195, A3022
Highway Authorities

Devon • Torbay

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A380 Kennford - Collaton St Mary
A380 Edginswell - Torquay


The A380 is the main road linking Torquay, Paignton and Brixham to the rest of the world. It is primary for its entire length, though that's due to some renumbering at the Torquay end.

Kennford - Collaton St Mary

Originally it started as a simple T junction with the A38 at Kennford, but nowadays that's just the route for northbound traffic, whilst southbound traffic peels away on a different alignment, stealing a lane from the Devon Expressway.

The top of Telegraph Hill

Almost straight away it runs straight into forest and runs up Telegraph Hill, which twists and turns its way to the top. The two carriageways split and run on different levels in quite a few places - it's an absolute cracker of a drive!

The A380 eventually leaves the forest and heads back downhill towards Kingsteignton, which it bypasses. There's a good view of the Teign Estuary flowing out to sea to the east before going over the Penn Inn Flyover as a single lane. The other lane from the dual carriageway goes Penn Inn Roundabout which carries traffic to Newton Abbot on the A381 or an unclassified road to Shaldon. The A380 has full access to the Penn Inn Roundabout. The flyover opened on 15th December 2015.

Then, to the left, a lane from the Penn Inn Roundabout joins to make the road D2 again. The road squeezes in between the London to Penzance railway line to the left. To the right is also a wall separating the road from Aller Brake Road which now joins the old A380 to the north of Kingskerswell. The A380 is now on the new South Devon Highway which opened on the 15th December 2015. The road has left the wall and an off slip to join the old road at a roundabout in Kingskerswell now leaves the road. The road bends right bypassing Kingskerswell. From the left, the on slip also from the roundabout joins. The road goes over a bridge which half dumbbell with on and off slip access to the right.

The road goes under Maddacombe Road and Yon Street overbridges; then into sight, are traffic lights where the Highway terminates. The A380 TOTSOs right while to the left is the slightly extended A3022 which used to be the A380 that ended on the A379, serves the large resort of Torquay.The old road originally would have continued from left to right.

The traffic lights control the intersection known as Edginswell so traffic can flow quickly in all directions. The road now TOTSOs right on a new dualled section because of the South Devon Highway which used to be single. The A380 continues as dual carriageway to Gallows Gate roundabout on the Torbay Ring Road. The road continues ahead still as duall. To the left, you can see an old windmill!

The road then comes to another roundabout however, continues on. Then there's Churscombe Cross Roundabout which marks the end of the Torbay Ring Road and dual carriageway.

After that its a slower single-carriageway section back down the hill, which gets worse and worse as we head towards the traffic lights meeting the main road out of Paignton. And that's it for the A380 - ahead and left is the A3022, right is the A385.

Original Author(s): Ritchie Swann

JunctionsAshcombe Cross • Penn Inn Roundabout • Splatford Junction • Ware Barton Junction
CrossingsNewton Abbot Bypass Bridge
PlacesExeter • Newton Abbot • Paignton • Torquay
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