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Hillington Interchange

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Hillington Interchange
Location Map ( geo)
Junction 26 - Geograph - 2388290.jpg
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Hillington, Renfrewshire
Highway Authority
Transport Scotland
Junction Type
Roundabout Interchange
Roads Joined
M8, A736
Junctions related to the A736

Hillington Interchange is junction 26 of the M8. The junction is a large signalised roundabout interchange with the A736 passing under the motorway. There are three or four circulatory lanes, with three or four approach lanes on each arm of the junction. The Westbound M8 offslip only has three lanes, but this is probably because it has a segregated left turn lane which meets the southbound A736 at a give way line and therefore bypasses the signals.


The interchange as it opened in 1968

The junction originally opened in spring 1968 as the eastern temporary terminus of the M8 Renfrew bypass section. Rather than the eastern arm of the junction being unfinished stubs, however, it merged into the A8, which still runs alongside. This meant that the A8 was turned to form the northern arm of the junction, and its original direct line appears to have been temporarily closed. The southern arm of the junction is depicted on the OS One Inch Map from 1968 (left) as still being the B770. However, it was very quickly upgraded to become the A754, and it may be that the map is incorrect.

It was not until 1976 that the Motorway was extended east towards the city centre, and the new alignment was built alongside the existing A8 dual carriageway. this led to the reopening and possible reconstruction of the old link, which had been out of use since 1968. The A754 was extended north at this time to meet the A8, but has since been renumbered as part of the re-routed A736.


Route To Notes


Greenock, Erskine Br. (M898), Glasgow Airport, Paisley (A741)


Glasgow & Edinburgh


Renfrew (A8), Braehead former A754


Hillington former A754


Greenock, Erskine ferry, Glasgow Airport, Paisley (A741)




Glasgow, Edinburgh


Hillington former B770

Hillington Interchange
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Junction 26 - Geograph - 2388290.jpg
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