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Chester Road Interchange

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Chester Road Interchange
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M60, Ashton-on-Mersey - Geograph - 2762263.jpg
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Stretford, Manchester
Highway Authority
National Highways
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M60, A56
This article is about M60 Junction 7.
For other junctions with similar names, see Chester Road Junction

Chester Road Interchange is junction 7 of the M60 and was also junction 7 of the M63. It was originally junction 1 of the M62.

This junction marked the south end of the original M62 and was at first (from 1960) a fairly large at-grade roundabout. In 1971, the motorway became the M63. Its south-eastward extension opened in 1974; by then, the junction had been converted to a signal-controlled diamond, the bridge of which was first built inside the original roundabout. The change in layout was completed in 1972 in an advance contract but the bridge carried no traffic until 1974.

In the 2000s the bridge was rebuilt as part of the widening of the motorway, which had become M60 in 1998.

Unrealised plans

Original M60 proposal from the late 1960s

If the original M60 plans (Knutsford - Manchester) of the 1960s were built an additional junction would have been provided just to the north to allow movements between the A56 south and M60 north. This would consist of a loop for northbound traffic and a long slip road for southbound traffic. The slip road would have been built in this way to allow traffic to avoid the diamond. The diversion of the River Mersey when the M63 was built includes a ledge beside the river to allow provision for this slip road which is still visible following the widening of the early 2000s.

Proposed remodelling of the junction from 1992

Proposals for widening the M63 were first made in 1992. This differed from the scheme which was completed during the following decade in that the junction would have been rebuilt as a three level stacked roundabout.


Route To Notes


Carrington (A6144), Ring Road (N&E), Trafford Park, L'pool (M62), Bolton (M61), (Leeds (M62) outer carriageways only


Ring Road (S&E), Sale (A6144), Stockport, M'cr Airport, Chester (M56), B'ham (M6) outer carriageways only


Manchester, Stretford


Altrincham, Sale


Liverpool (A580), Eccles, Urmston


L'pool (M62), Bolton (M61), Leeds (M62)


Stockport, M'cr Airport, Chester (M56), B'ham (M6)


Manchester, Salford, Old Trafford no direct access from A56 north


Birmingham (M6), Chester (M56), Altrincham, Carrington, Liverpool, Leeds, Bolton (M63)

Chester Road Interchange
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