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Carrington Interchange

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Carrington Interchange
Location Map ( geo)
M60 Clockwise - Geograph - 2762260.jpg
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Urmston, Manchester
Highway Authority
National Highways
Junction Type
Roundabout interchange
Roads Joined
M60, A6144
Junctions related to the A6144

Carrington Interchange is junction 8 of the M60 and was junction 6 of the M63.


M60-M63 proposal from the late 1960s

There was no junction here when the M63, then M62, opened in 1960. Later that decade a motorway was planned to connect Manchester to the M6 south called M60, not to be confused with the current M60. A three quarter cloverleaf was initially planned as the connection between the motorways but a higher capacity junction shown here seems the more plausible layout. This M60 was a low priority at the time and was abandoned by the 1970s.

In the 1980s a short length of the former M60 scheme was resurrected as a spur to connect the M63 to an industrial complex at Carrington. A simple dumbbell interchange was built to provide the connection to the M63. This opened in 1987.

In 1992 proposals were made to widen the M63 between Carrington Interchange and Princess Parkway Interchange. Work would have commenced in 1995 and the eight year old junction, including the bridge, would have been replaced with a roundabout interchange.

The M63 was renumbered to M60 in 1998 but did not result in any physical change to the junction.

The widening proposals were resurrected although to a different design to the 1992 proposals and work started in 2003. This necessitated the rebuilding of the junction which became a roundabout interchange as originally proposed in 1992. Work was completed in 2006. At the same time the A6144(M) lost its motorway status.


Route To Notes


Ring Road (N&E), Liverpool (M62), Bolton (M61), Leeds (M62)


Ring Road (S&E), Stockport, Chester, Manchester Airport (M56), Birmingham (M6) outer carriageways - accessed from M60 only


Ring Road (S&E), Manchester, Altrincham (A56), Sale (A6144) inner carriageways




Liverpool (M62), Bolton (M61), Leeds (M62)


Stockport, Manchester Airport (M56), Stretford (A56)




Manchester, Stretford


The SOUTH, Birmingham (M6), Altrincham
Urmston (B5213) link planned for M60/M63 interchange dealing with movements closed by the opening of this junction

Carrington Interchange
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New sign at eastern end of A6144(M), Jan 06 - Coppermine - 4508.jpgM60 Clockwise - Geograph - 2762260.jpgM60 M63 Junction.pngThis bend has always been sudden, it used to feel like the M60 (and the M63 before it!) were about to slam into the tower block. The old disused M63 junction is around here somewhere. - Coppermine - 1229.jpg
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