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Newhouse Roundabout (Lanarkshire)

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Newhouse Roundabout
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Highway Authority
North Lanarkshire
Junction Type
Roads Joined
A73, A775, B7066
Junctions related to the B7066
This article is about Newhouse Roundabout on the A73 north of Motherwell.
For other junctions called Newhouse Roundabout, or similar, see Newhouse Roundabout

Newhouse Roundabout lies on the A73 just south of the Newhouse Junction, M8 J6. It is a much older junction than the motorway interchange, and while the A73 has not changed route since first classified in 1922, the cross route has held a number of classifications over the years. Originally numbered as the A705, the A8 was re-routed this way in the early 1930s, taking over part of the A705 to create the new Glasgow and Edinburgh Road. In the late 1960s, the eastern part of the A8 was replaced by the M8, and the A8 was moved to the north to meet the motorway at the Newhouse Junction. This saw the eastern arm of the roundabout become the B7066, while the western arm was a slight extension to the A775, which number had been applied to the western rump of the original A705 when the A8 was re-routed.

The roundabout was built between 1961 and 1966, replacing an earlier crossroads. Its layout has been tweaked over the years, but it still remains a simple four arm junction, with three of the arms having two approach lanes, while the A775 gets a third. The A73 to the north has been dualled since the motorway was built, and so now also has two exit lanes.

Nearby junctions

For many years there were two sharp fork junctions in close proximity to the junction here. To the west, the A8 curved north to meet its current line, leaving the A775 to continue ahead. This junction was closed up when the motorway opened, although the old road remained visible until the new distribution centre was built in 2010. To the south, the junction survives. Originally the northern end of the A723, it is now the B7066 which forks off the A73 after a short multiplex. Despite being a very sharp fork junction between two busy roads, there doesn't seem to be any turning restrictions in place, although traffic wishing to turn right out of the B7066 is perhaps best advised to make a short detour around the roundabout!


Route To Notes


Lanark, Carluke, Newmains, Wishaw (A722)


Edinburgh (M8), Glasgow (A8), Airdrie


Holytown, Motherwell (A723) former A8


Salsburgh, Harthill, Whitburn (B7069) former A8


Newarthill Fork junction immediately south of the roundabout

Newhouse Roundabout (Lanarkshire)
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