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Newmains Roundabout

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Highway Authority
Transport Scotland
Junction Type
Roads Joined
A71, A73, A722
Junctions related to the A73
Junctions related to the A722
From the south

Newmains Roundabout was historically known as Newmains Cross, until the roundabout was built. There is also a nearby pub called 'The Fourways', which refers to the junction before Morningside Road, now the A71 was of any importance. At that time, the A71 followed Bonkle Road, with the other three arms as they are today. By the 1960s Morningside Road was a more important through route, but the A71 was diverted onto it much more recently, with a new road built to bypass Bonkle Road.

At the roundabout, the A71 and A73 approach from the south as a multiplex, diverging with the A73 turning north west towards the M8, and the A71 turning north east to Edinburgh. The A722 terminates here from the west. The centre of the roundabout is home to the village war memorial.


Route To Notes


Edinburgh, Shotts (B717)


Lanark, Carluke, New Lanark 11, Peebles (A721), Kilmarnock (A71)


Airdrie, Edinburgh (M8), Glasgow (A8)


Bonkle former A71

Newmains Roundabout
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