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North Lanarkshire Council

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North Lanarkshire Council
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Dunbartonshire • Lanarkshire
Other Important Destinations
Airdrie • Coatbridge • Cumbernauld
East Dunbartonshire • Falkirk • Glasgow • South Lanarkshire • Stirling • West Lothian
Transport Scotland Roads
M8 • M73 • M74 • M80 • A8 • A725

North Lanarkshire Council is the Highway Authority for all the roads in the Council Area except for parts of the A8, A725 and the motorways, which are managed by Transport Scotland. The council area covers the north eastern corner of the historic county of Lanarkshire, much of the eastern, detached part of historic Dunbartonshire and a small part of Stirlingshire. As of 2016, Government Statistics say that the council is responsible for 78.4 miles of A roads; 84.6 miles of B roads and 860.4 miles of other roads. There is an additional 12.5 miles of Trunk roads and 29 miles of Motorway within the council area, which are maintained by Transport Scotland.

Principal and Classified Numbered Roads

The following is a list of A and B classified roads that are at least partially managed by the authority:

Route From To Length


A71 Edinburgh Irvine 67.6 miles View
A73 Roberton Cumbernauld 38.1 miles View
A80 Glasgow Mollinsburn 7.2 miles View
A89 Glasgow Newbridge 35.5 miles View
A721 Maryville Kirkdean 34.0 miles View
A722 Wishaw Newmains 1.83 miles View
A723 Strathaven Holytown 12.7 miles View
A725 Coatbridge East Kilbride 11.0 miles View
A752 Thorniewood Muirhead 7.2 miles View
A775 Bellshill Newhouse 3.9 miles View
A803 Glasgow Champany 33.3 miles View
A806 Kirkintilloch Stepps 3.9 miles View
A8010 Coatdyke Rawyards 1.4 miles View
A8011 Low Wood Junction Old Inns Junction 3.6 miles View  
B715 Headless Cross Forth 4.1 miles View
B717 West Tarbrax Harthill 4.4 miles View
B718 Harthill Blackridge 1.8 miles View
B753 Coatbridge Coatdyke 2.0 miles View
B754 Motherwell Overtown 5.1 miles View
B756 Uddingston Fallside 1.1 miles View
B757 Auchinloch Milton of Campsie 4.2 miles View
B758 Blantyre Uddingston 3.5 miles View
B799 Chapelhall Motherwell 4.0 miles View
B802 Kilsyth Chapelhall 12.3 miles View
B803 Falkirk Coatbridge 16.3 miles View
B804 Coatbridge Gartcosh 4.2 miles View
B806 Gartcosh Ruchazie 3.3 miles View
B812 Colston Boghead 3.2 miles View
B816 Falkirk Cumbernauld Village 8.0 miles View
B819 Cadder Muirhead 5.4 miles View
B825 Caldercruix Linlithgow Bridge 12.8 miles View
B7001 Birkenshaw Bellshill 2.7 miles View
B7010 Stane Longridge 5.6 miles View
B7011 Wildmanbridge Garrion Tower 5.5 miles View
B7029 Mossend Bellside 5.4 miles View
B7032 Wishaw Netherton 0.68 miles View
B7033 Main Street Kirk Road 0.3 miles View
B7057 Easter Baton Blairmains 1.4 miles View
B7066 Carfin Whitburn 12.5 miles View
B7070 Orbiston Shawhead 2.1 miles View
B7071 Hamilton Tannochside 4.5 miles View
B8023 Kilsyth Kirkintilloch 3.6 miles View
B8039 Riggend Central Way, Cumbernauld 2.7 miles View
B8048 Kirkintilloch Cumbernauld 5.6 miles View
B8053 Clark Street Aitken Street 0.5 miles View
B8054 Central Way Jane's Brae 1.6 miles View
B8058 Rawyards, Airdrie Calderbank 2.9 miles View     

Classified Unnumbered Roads

Main Article: North Lanarkshire Council (Class III roads)

For their Class III road network, the authority uses "C" prefixes.


Main Article: North Lanarkshire Council (Junctions)

Bridges, Tunnels, and other Crossings

Main Article: North Lanarkshire Council (Crossings)


North Lanarkshire Council

North Lanarkshire Council
A71 • A73 • A80 • A89 • A721 • A722 • A723 • A725 • A752 • A775 • A803 • A806 • A8010 • A8011 • B715 • B717 • B718 • B753 • B754 • B756 • B757 • B758 • B799 • B802 • B803 • B804 • B806 • B812 • B816 • B819 • B825 • B7001 • B7010 • B7011 • B7029 • B7032 • B7033 • B7057 • B7066 • B7070 • B7071 • B8023 • B8039 • B8048 • B8053 • B8054 • B8058
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