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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Hindhead (SU885354)
To:  Bordon Camp (SU797356)
Via:  Headley & Lindford
Distance:  7.4 miles (11.9 km)
Meets:  A333, B3004, A325, A325
Former Number(s):  B3003
Highway Authorities

Hampshire  • Surrey

Traditional Counties

Hampshire • Surrey

Route outline (key)
B3002 Hindhead - Bordon Camp
B3002 Bordon Camp - Bordon Station


The B3002 is a semi-urban B-road, mostly in Hampshire, providing an east-west connection through a number of small towns and villages.

The road begins at a small roundabout on the A333 Portsmouth Road just south-west of Hindhead, Surrey. This road is a bypassed length of former A3, which gained its new number when the tunnel opened to traffic in 2010. The B3002 heads west as Headley Road, running in a straight line through suburban surroundings. Though it started in Hindhead, only the first 500 metres are in Surrey, and on passing the appropriately named Boundary Road, enters Hampshire and the neighbouring village of Grayshott.

Headley Road forms a handsome shopping street for the village, fronted with homely Victorian buildings housing a well-to-do collection of shops and places to eat. After the Fox and Pelican pub, the road opens out a little, passing the cricket club before the houses on the left give way to Ludshott Common, a public open space with a mix of woodland and heath.

A short run through the trees brings the road to Headley Down, another village with fewer grand houses - it most comprises a grid of streets built in the second half of the twentieth century. The B3002 is now Grayshott Road, but on reaching a mini-roundabout at the far end of the village, makes an abrupt turn almost back on itself to join Beech Hill. For the remainder of the route, the road will be characterised by scattered housing and development alongside, sometimes coalescing into a village environment but mostly feeling halfway between suburbia and the countryside.

Lindford Road

Heading almost south to Fullers Vale, ninety-degree turn brings the road to a short journey through woodland before arriving at Headley itself. Another sudden double bend on to Crabtree Lane brings the B3002 to the centre of the village, where a tiny patch of green and a grand oak tree are overlooked by All Saints Church, a village shop and the Holly Bush pub. A further abrupt double bend carries the B3002 past the green, though anyone following the road since Grayshott will have become used to these surprise changes of direction by now.

We are now on Mill Lane, which meanders out of Headley and past playing fields and farmland (complete with plant nursery and farm shop, a mandatory accessory in this part of the world) before a series of turns mark our arrival in Lindford.

This is a larger village with a more substantial centre - there is a parade of shops with a car park, and where the B3002 meets a Give Way line on Liphook Road it is overlooked by another pub, the Royal Exchange. This is where the B3002 meets the B3004, and the two will share the roadway north along Lindford Road towards Bordon. Most maps show the B3004 as dominant through this multiplex, with the B3002 disappearing and resuming further west, but signs on the ground are rather more mixed, and from this junction it's the B3002 that is signposted onward, with B3004 in brackets.

The shared length of road travels north, then swings west, reaching a junction with Broxhead Farm Road a short distance later. The B3004 splits off here, travelling north west to Sleaford. Another little burst of woodland, and a faster 40mph limit, takes the road across the north end of Bordon Inclosure. Emerging from the woods into Bordon Camp, there is a signalised crossroads at Farnham Road. This junction is with the former A325 which was bypassed in 2019 and is now unclassified. The B3002 turns right at these traffic lights, travelling a few hundred metres north on a very short extension to meet the A325 just outside the town.


Most of the B3002's route is unchanged since it was first allocated, though in the early 1920s it would have been far less suburban and spent much more time traversing woodland. The only real changes have been at the western end of the route in Bordon itself.

Originally, the B3002 crossed Farnham Road (initially the A326 and later the A325) at the crossroads at Bordon Camp, continuing west along Station Road and then Oakhanger Road to reach Bordon Station, which stood at the end of a short branch from the Winchester-Alton line near Bentley. Along this route, it met the original B3003 which was a very short link comprising only of Budds Lane.

In 1935, road numbers here were rationalised, with the B3003 losing its number. Budds Lane became a spur of the B3002.

The B3002 in 1971, following the closure of Bordon Station

With the closure of the branch line in the 1960s, the B3002 no longer needed to reach the now-defunct station, so it was cut back, and its short spur became part of the main route. This led to the odd situation where it crossed the A325 Farnham Road at Bordon Camp, travelled west along Station Road, and then doubled back along Budds Lane to reach the A325 again.

The strangely circuitous route persisted until 2019, when road classifications were amended with the opening of the Whitehill and Bordon Relief Road. The A325 was relocated to the new bypass, leaving its route through the town unclassified, and both Station Road and Budds Lane were downgraded to C176[1]. The B3002 took over a short length of former A325 Farnham Road between the crossroads at Bordon Camp and the northern end of the new bypass.

In 2022, new direction signs were erected at the junction of Station Road and Budds Lane, marking Oakhanger Road to the west as part of the B3002, but that road has been unclassified since the 1960s and the signs are thought to be an error.


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