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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Odiham (SU747518)
To:  The Throat (SU802660)
Via:  Hartley Wintney, Eversley Cross, Finchampstead
Distance:  10.8 miles (17.4 km)
Meets:  A287, A30, A327, B3272, B3348, B3430, A321
Former Number(s):  B3012
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B3016 Odiham - Colt Hill
B3016 Colt Hill - Phoenix Green
(A30) Phoenix Green - Hartfordbridge
B3016 Hartfordbridge - Eversley Common
(A327) Eversley Common
B3016 Eversley Common - Eversley Cross
(B3272) Eversley Cross
B3016 Eversley Cross - Finchampstead
(B3348) Finchampstead
B3016 Finchampstead - The Throat
Odiham Common

The B3016 is a complicated medium-length B-road through Hampshire and Berkshire.

At one time it started on the A287 in the centre of Odiham but that road now bypasses the village, so it starts on the A287 Odiham bypass at Colt Hill. It heads north through Winchfield, where it goes over the South Western Main Line and under the M3, before reaching the A30 at Phoenix Green. It then multiplexes east along the A30 for about two miles, through Hartley Wintney and on to Hartfordbridge.

The long multiplex can be explained by the fact that the B3016 originally started in Hartfordbridge; the road from Odiham to Phoenix Green was the B3012 before being renumbered B3016 in 1935.

When the B3016 reappears in Hartfordbridge it is eastbound only to begin with due to its narrow width (and even then it is signposted as the A327), so westbound B3016 traffic actually has to multiplex along the A30 for even longer. The B3016 becomes two-way again next to a caravan site before reaching the A327 on Eversley Common - that's the road that westbound B3016 traffic needs to take to reach Hartfordbridge. There is a short multiplex north before the B3016 regains its number and its northwestward direction but prior to 1992 the A327 did not exist here.

After crossing Eversley Common the B3016 zigzags around Up Green (but originally went through the settlement) before multiplexing briefly west along the B3272 (the original route of the A327) at Eversley Cross. It crosses the River Blackwater into Berkshire before reaching Finchampstead and the B3348. There is a multiplex here although which road is dominant is unclear. In this direction the B3016 has to give way to the B3348 and signage states that that road is dominant. Heading south the opposite is true, meaning that the section is theoretically B3348 northeastbound and B3016 southwestbound!

The B3016 leaves the B3348 behind by the war memorial and heads to Wick Hill, where it meets the western end on the B3430, before continuing on for a few hundred yards to meet the A321 at a roundabout. This is the southern edge of Wokingham, in the unusually named area of The Throat.

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