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Was there ever planned to be a junction with the M3 at Ravenswood Roundabout?
Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Bagshot (SU896618)
To:  Longmoor Camp (SU790312)
Distance:  23.1 miles (37.2 km)
Meets:  A30, B3015, B311, B3411, A331, B3272, B3014, A327, B3403, A3011, A323, B3008, B3005, A3016, B3007, B3208, A31, A287, B3001, B3384, B3004, B3002, A3
Former Number(s):  A31, A326
Old route now:  B3007, B3006, A3
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Hampshire • Surrey

Traditional Counties

Hampshire • Surrey

Route outline (key)
A325 Bagshot – Longmoor Camp
A325 Greatham – Sheet


The A325 runs through the military towns on the Hampshire/Surrey border.

Section 1: Bagshot – Farnborough

The A325 starts at the Jolly Farmer Roundabout, branching off the A30, which isn't really a roundabout per se because if you take the main line from the westbound A30, you end up heading eastbound again.

This junction has quite a lot of history behind it, as it used to be where the main postal routes from London to Land's End and Southampton diverged. The site of what is now the middle of the roundabout used to be a gallows where the "Jolly Farmer", a notorious highwayman, was hung here in the seventeenth century. The Jolly Farmer pub was then built on this site, but briefly turned into a Mongolian Barbecue in the mid nineties and is now a golf shop.

At any rate, the A325 heads down to the Ravenswood Roundabout, which is effectively like a grade separated roundabout over the M3 but without the sliproads. I assume a junction must have been planned here at one point but then scrapped - does anybody have more information?

Past this, the A325 runs past Frimley Park Hospital and onto the Frimley Bypass, where it crosses into Hampshire and runs over the A331, before gaining access to it at a roundabout just down the road. The A331 takes the main traffic from here on, but the A325 still remains an important road as it carries all the urban traffic.

The A325 then heads past St Michael's Abbey and crosses the railway line just outside Farnborough station. There's then a brief dual carriageway section and it runs around the town centre, meeting the A327 at a roundabout.

Section 2: Farnborough – Longmoor Camp

The A325 then heads past the main entrance to Farnborough Airfield before meeting the A3011 at a roundabout. Beyond this, there's a good dual-carriageway run for a few miles past the army barracks at Aldershot, before the dual carriageway runs out and we briefly multiplex with the A323 (the A325 number is dominant).

Beyond this, the A325 runs up the hill and back into Surrey. There's then a run through urban traffic in Hale before meeting the A3016 at a set of traffic lights. Following this, the road widens to dual carriageway, though with plenty of roundabouts, as it meets the A31 at the Shepherd and Flock - another pub in the middle of a roundabout.

The A325 then doubles back on itself (the B3007 which cuts off the corner is the original route of the A325) to head through the middle of Farnham while the A31 takes the bypass - though you won't see the signs telling you this. It heads through Farnham in a maze of one way systems, crossing and multiplexing with the A287 en route. Eventually in ends up at the other side of the town, meeting up with the A31 again and crossing over it at the roundabout here.

The A325 then heads up the hill through Wrecclesham and out past Birdworld into Alice Holt Forest. The road is reasonably straight but fairly hilly, so opportunities for overtaking are restricted. There's then a run down the hill through heathland towards Sleaford, and then back up the hill through forest.


The A325 then grinds its way through slow urban traffic along the non-place that is Bordon, before it gets out the other side and runs along the western edges of the rifle ranges towards Greatham. With the MoD withdrawal from the area and major re-development of a new Whitehill & Bordon eco-town planned for 2015-2025, a new route for an inner relief road has been agreed to ease congestion on the A325. Running to the West of the town this will utilise land from the closure of the barracks and partly follow the line of a disused railway. This is expected to open in 2017. See Relief Road plans on Hampshire County Council website.

Originally, the A325 carried on into Greatham, then through Liss to meet the A3 at Sheet, just east of Petersfield. Today, however, it hijacks a previously unclassified road up the hill to Longmoor camp, where it terminates at a GSJ on the A3 Petersfield & Liphook bypass.


The original route into Farnham was along the B3007 to terminate on the A31. The road south through Bordon was the A326. It was renumbered as an extension of the A325 in 1935; a draft consultation between the Ministry of Transport and Hampshire County Council in October 1934 suggested retaining the A326 number for the route, but this was changed to A325 in January 1935.

The old A325 through Greatham has been narrowed and traffic calmed so it doesn't like anything like an A road any more, before the B3006 enters and takes the priority line. There's then the infamous roundabout with the A3 before it runs through Liss. Here the B3006 TOTSOs off to the left and the old A325 heads back onto the A3, which now runs right on top of its old route. The final leg of the old A325 to Sheet has largely been declassified and removed, as there's a new link road from the new A3, which joins up with the old road at pretty much the same place as the A325 used to.

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