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Dreghorn Junction

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Dreghorn Junction
Location Map ( geo)
A720 approaching Dreghorn Junction - Geograph - 3540856.jpg
Fork sign approaching Dreghorn Junction on the A720
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Highway Authority
Transport Scotland
Junction Type
Roads Joined

Dreghorn Junction is a junction on the City of Edinburgh Bypass, meeting the Dreghorn link, designed to link the dual carriageway with the old route and also serve the military sites around the junction.


Route To Notes


Glasgow (M8), Stirling (M9), Forth Road Bridge (A90)


Berwick upon Tweed (A1), Edinburgh South & East, Leith
Services, Colinton, Oxgangs (B701), Redford & Dreghorn Barracks Redford & Dreghorn Barracks in red-bordered sign
Dreghorn Ranges red-bordered

Dreghorn Junction
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A720 Edinburgh City Bypass - Coppermine - 14705.jpgA720 approaching Dreghorn Junction - Geograph - 3540856.jpg
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