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Crewe Toll

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Crewe Toll
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Roads Joined
A902, B9085

Crewe Toll is a large 5-arm roundabout junction in north Edinburgh where the A902, the main route from northwest Edinburgh to Leith, meets the B9085 and other local roads. Early maps show a simple crossroads here, with Crew Smith in the south east corner. However, the junction has been developed since Telford Road opened in 1929, and is now surrounded by a range of commercial premises, with houses lying behind them. A little further away, the Western General Hospital lies along the A902 to the south.

When Telford Road first opened, the junction was changed from a simple crossroads into a 'Fiveways' type junction, with mapping showing a large open road area, which considering the much lower traffic volumes of the time, was probably controlled by no more than give way lines. After the war, maps show a small central island, suggesting that a proper roundabout had been created, which has since grown into a much larger island with spiralled circulating lanes. All of the approaches have two turning lanes, while the A902 also has two exit lanes, although the city bound section is quickly reduced to a wide S2 by bus stops, cycle lanes and so on.

The A902 originally passed directly through Crewe Toll from East to west, and even when Telford Road was opened, it gained the A982 number, and the A902 continued its original route. The 1972 OS maps continue to show the A982, but it is believed that the A902 was re-routed on to its current route soon after, with the B9085 number given to the former westwards section to Davidson Mains.


Route To Notes


Barnton, Queensferry Telford Road, former A982


Leith Ferry Road


Davidsons Mains Ferry Road, former A902
Granton Crewe Road N
Comely Bank Crewe Road S

Crewe Toll
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