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Pilgrims Way

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Pilgrims Way
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From:  Winchester
To:  Dover
Via:  Farnham, Guildford, Dorking, Mertsham, Otford, Keynsham, Cuxton, Charing, Canterbury (on loop off route)
Old route now:  A31, B3000, A25, A224, A225, B2011
Primary Destinations

Since prehistoric times there has been a trackway along the North Downs, part of an old route between Devon and Dover, with the Harroway forming the other half.

The name Pilgrim's Way is a relatively recent invention. It got its name from the Mediaeval Pilgrims who would have walked approximately along the route from Winchester to Canterbury. On OS maps, the name Pilgrim's Way and the word Trackway (in the typeface used for archaeological sites) appear together.

The towns of Dorking and Reigate among others have their main streets running east-west, so parallel to the Pilgrim's Way. It seems likely that mediaeval travellers would in fact have taken the road through the towns (roughly the modern A25) instead of the ancient track way.

Some of the route is still a road open to vehicles; much of it is now bridleway. The North Downs Way long distance footpath uses the Pilgrim's Way for much of its length, but deviates from it in many places.

Pilgrims Way
Alton • Canterbury • Dorking • Dover • Farnham
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