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From:  Enniscorthy (S970394)
To:  New Ross (S728269)
Distance:  33.1 km (20.6 miles)
Met:  N11, N25
Former Number(s):  T7
Now part of:  N30
Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
N79 Enniscorthy – New Ross

The N79 was the number allocated to the road between Enniscorthy and New Ross upon the classification of N roads in 1977. It was upgraded to National Primary Road and renumbered the N30 in 1994.


Throughout its existence as the N79, the route ran from the one-way system in Enniscorthy's characterful town centre. It began on the western bank of the River Slaney on the N11, the main road from Dublin to Rosslare, at the end of the Seamus Rafter Bridge. Running through Abbey Square, it promptly turned left within sight of Enniscorthy Castle, to follow Mill Park Road and Saint Johns Road, before bridging the River Urrin close to its convergence with the Slaney. The road then headed for the country along Mill Road (this route is now numbered R744).

From the recent Templscoby Roundabout, the N79 followed what is today the N30 as far as New Ross, passing through Clonroche along the way. It passed some way to the north of the new Corcoran's Cross Roundabout, and entered the town running in close proximity to the River Barrow. After cutting a meander in the river, the N79 ran down the east bank of the river into the town centre on Craywell Road (now the R700), before terminating on what was then the N25 next to the O'Hanrahan Bridge.


The route was originally mostly part of the T7 route from Dublin to Waterford (which used the N11 to the north of Enniscorthy and the N25 to the south of New Ross.

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