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From:  Littlehampton (TQ025023)
To:  Whiteways Lodge (TQ001108)
Via:  Arundel
Distance:  6.4 miles (10.3 km)
Meets:  B2187, A259, A27, A29, B2139
Highway Authorities

West Sussex

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A284 Littlehampton - Crossbush
(A27) Crossbush - Arundel
A284 Arundel - Whiteways Lodge

The A284 is a relatively short A-road in west Sussex.


One of the bends on the Lyminster zigzag

This road starts in the centre of Littlehampton on the B2187 near the railway station (its original southern end was on the High Street) and then proceeds northwards along Arundel Road to cross the A259 at a roundabout.

The road then continues northward through Wick and crosses the south coastway railway line at a level crossing. After zigzagging through Lyminster, the road meets the A27 south-east of Arundel at the Crossbush Roundabout, a junction future-proofed for the unbuilt A27 Arundel southern bypass. It then multiplexes with the A27 along what passes for the the Arundel by-pass, before regaining its number and continuing northwards, to meet the London Road from central Arundel (the original line of the A284.

From here it follows the western edge of Arundel Park, climbing up onto the South Downs, to meet the A29 and B2139 at Whiteways Lodge, near the crest of Bury Hill, from where there is a good view across the Arun Valley.


The A284 ending on the A259 in central Littlehampton

Before the Arundel by-pass was built, the A284 still multiplexed with the A27, but in those days through the centre of Arundel, which meant climbing the very steep High Street. Prior to the A259 Littlehampton bypass being built, the A284 started in more-or-less the same place as now, and followed the same route as now but started at a T-junction off the old A259 (originally B2143). At that time this took a more southerly route through the centre of Littlehampton, along what is now the B2187.

The A284 section of the Arundel Bypass from London Road to Ford Roundabout was part of the full bypass scheme, of which the A27 section from Ford Roundabout to Causeway Roundabout was opened on 1 October 1973.


Plans exist to bypass Lyminster and Wick. These plans would link with the Fitzalan Link heading north out of Littlehampton, rather than linking back to the existing Arundel Road. Older Plans had a shorter bypass of just Lyminster.

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