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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Hersham (TQ112645)
To:  Chertsey (TQ037665)
Distance:  6.4 miles (10.3 km)
Meets:  A244, B365, B372, B373, A3050, B374, B3121, A318, A320
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A317 Hersham – Chertsey
A317 branch : St Peter's Way (east), Addlestone

The A317 is a largely urban A-road just inside the southwest corner of the M25.

Hersham – Chertsey

Weybridge High Street

The road begins in a somewhat surprising fashion on the Queensway in Hersham. As the A244 TOTSOs to the right at a set of traffic lights, the straight through route becomes the A317. This section of the road has enough space to be a dual carriageway but is still only one lane each way. After crossing over a roundabout, the A317 heads west towards Weybridge and is now 'Queens Road'. After a quarter of a mile, it passes the access road into the back of Walton-on-Thames station and shortly afterwards it reaches the roundabout junction with the B365 at Sir Richard's Bridge. The A317 then multiplexes with the B365 for the half mile stretch alongside the former LSWR main line from Waterloo to Woking. At the circle at the northern end of the Seven Hills Road, the B365 carries straight on towards Cobham, while the A317 TOTSOs off to the right towards the middle of Weybridge. Still Queens Road, the A317 crosses the railway at 'Haines Bridge' before a very narrow stretch past a parade of shops, the cricket green and the war memorial. After another circle B373 and a mini-roundabout A3050, the A317 becomes 'Monument Hill' and proceeds down into the middle of Weybridge. After running past the shops and the church, the A317 takes yet another turn to the right at the junction with the B374.

After crossing the second Wey Bridge (the original - now signalised and with a weight limit - can be seen on your left hand side), the road opens out again. As in Hersham, the corridor is wide enough for a dual carriageway but is still single; the bridge is particularly strange-looking. After a set of lights, the road does become two lanes each way for a short distance, but the St. George's Roundabout is only about another 500 yards further on. For over 30 years the A317 was signposted here as the A31 but the road was finally given its actual number in the 2010s. The B3121 (the old A319) peels off to the left to run through Addlestone and Ottershaw, while the A317 continues up Woburn Hill towards the Addlestonemoor Roundabout. The roundabout is the junction with the A318 and the St Peter's Way link road, which runs up to M25 J11. The number of this road is disputed and may or may not be a spur of the A317, or the A320.

Just before the roundabout, the path of the old road can still be seen on the right hand side. It's now a cycle path and the access road to the winter home of Gerry Cottle's Circus. At the roundabout, the A317 heads off to the right yet again along another short stretch of dual carriageway. At the next lights, it takes a left and heads along 'Eastworth Road' into the centre of Chertsey. This section of road is prone to flooding (it's already flooded five times since 2000!). After passing a couple of mini roundabouts, a few office blocks and two sets of lights, the A317 meets the A320 at a roundabout.

The A317 was one of the many roads that was supposed to have been relieved by the M25. Events have proved otherwise and this road is regularly congested between Sir Richard's and Haines Bridges, through the middle of Weybridge and on the approaches to Addlestonemoor.

T1(M) writes:
The link road is a spur of the A317 (or maybe the original route is now the spur?). Maps differ as to where this spur ends: the OS mapping used by Multimap at 1:25000 has the A317 continuing beyond the M25 junction to meet the A320 in Addlestone, but larger scales and smaller scales both show the A317 spur to end at the M25, the link west of the M25 being a spur of the A320.
Graham writes:
I'm still not convinced by the above point. I have been digging around and I have not yet seen any official documentation (Runnymede BC, Surrey CC or Surrey Records) that shows the formal adoption of St. Peter's Way as either the A317 or the A320. Most documents just refer to 'St. Peter's Way'. The only reference that I have seen to it as the A317/A320 is on the 50mph speed limit orders but that's about it. We may have to wait until later this year (2010) for the definitive answer on this (30 year papers). I'd be very interested (even if nobody else is) to see if anyone can shed any light on this rather parochial matter.

May 2011; Has anyone seen any formal documentation? Have any further papers been released?

What I have seen shows that SPW was at one time supposed to become the A319 when the old road through Addlestone (now the B3121) was downgraded. Nothing seems to have come from that either. (We are of course talking about highway authorities who have been happy to have the same (wrong) roadsign showing the A31 instead of the A317 at the B3121/A317 junction since 1982!)
In january 2019, Micro The Maniac writes:
Although not definitive by any stretch of the imagination, an A320 Corridor Study for Runnymede Borough Council clearly shows the Western half of St Peter's Way as the A320, and the eastern half as the A317

Original Author(s): Graham

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