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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  High Street, Walton-on-Thames (TQ102661)
To:  Byfleet Road, Cobham (TQ091608)
Via:  Ashley Road, Seven Hills Road
Distance:  3.5 miles (5.6 km)
Meets:  A244, A317, B371, A245
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B365 Walton-on-Thames - Burwood Park
(A317) Burwood Park
B365 Burwood Park - Cobham
B365 Cobham


The B365 is a relatively short B-road in north Surrey. It starts in Walton-on-Thames and runs south along Ashley Road to the A317, which it briefly multiplexes with. It then heads south along Seven Hills Road to end on the A245.

Walton-on-Thames - Cobham

The northern part of this route starts on the A244 one-way system in the middle of Walton-on-Thames. Heading south down Ashley Road, it crosses a roundabout junction with Stompond Lane (for the Walton & Hersham FC football ground) and Ashley Park Road (for Walton on Thames station). Running in a southwesterly direction, it then passes Station Avenue and Oatlands Chase, before crossing the LSWR main line from Waterloo to Woking at St Richard's Bridge.

Turning west at the roundabout, the route then multiplexes with the A317 Queens Road, and heads towards Weybridge for about a kilometre, before reaching the large roundabout at the northern end of Seven Hills Road. Like the A244 at Esher Green, the two directions seem to have different numbers at this point: heading north, the B365 briefly becomes the B371 on the approach to the roundabout. This is a relic of when each side of the current roundabout was a two-way road; the B365 formed the eastern edge, the B371 ran to the south and the A317 completed the triangle's northern side. Whilst there is nothing on the ground (signage, etc.), the B371 number does still appear in some local government documentation.

Heading south again, this part of the road, leading up to the C152 Burwood Road, is unfortunately both somewhat prone to flooding and to deer running out into the road! The roundabout at the junction with Burwood Road was altered in June 2012, as part of the preparations for the Olympic cycling time trials. The roundabout was shaved, pavements were moved and curves eased to enable the cyclists to get around the bend at close to full (70 km/h) speed.

The B365 Seven Hills Road, near the junction with the A245

The southern section of this route, between Burwood Road, which runs east towards Hersham, and the A245 Byfleet Road, is a switchback road with somewhat limited visibility over the crests of the hills. As the road name implies, there are seven (small) hills in just over a mile of road. Whiteley Village, a retirement community for people who worked in the west London department store, is on the eastern side of the road for about half a mile or so.

Incidentally, as mentioned above, the southern portion of this road was used in the Olympic cycling time trials in August 2012.


An extract from the 1923 MOT Two Inch series, showing the B365 meeting the A3 on Wisley Common

As shown in the accompanying map, the B365 used to continue all the way down Seven Hills Road to end on the A3, but the junction was finally closed in the late 1970s, after the A245 was dualled online to plug into the then new Esher Bypass at Painshill Junction. Nowadays, Seven Hills Road finishes, somewhat abruptly, at the Hilton National 'Seven Hills Hotel' , and the section south of the A245 is therefore unclassified.

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