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Nottinghamshire Council

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Nottinghamshire County Council
Location Map ( geo)
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Primary Destinations
Mansfield • Newark-on-Trent • Worksop
Derbyshire Council • Doncaster Council • Leicestershire Council • Lincolnshire Council • North Lincolnshire Council • Nottingham Council • Rotherham Council
National Highways Roads
M1, A1, A1(M), A46, A52, A453

Nottinghamshire County Council is the Highway Authority for all roads in the Administrative County of Nottinghamshire, with the exception of Trunk roads managed by National Highways.

It lies within this historic county of Nottinghamshire. It does not manage roads within other authorities that lie within historic Nottinghamshire such as Nottingham City Council

Primary Destinations

The following Primary Destinations are located within the council area:

Trunk Roads

The following roads that run through the council area are at least partially Trunk Roads, and therefore managed by National Highways:

Principal and Classified Numbered Roads

The following is a list of A and B classified roads that are at least partially managed by the council:

Route From To Length


A17 King's Lynn Newark-on-Trent 59.5 miles View
A38 Bodmin Mansfield 309.7 miles View
A57 Liverpool Lincoln 122 miles View
A60 Loughborough Doncaster 59.1 miles View
A161 Beckingham Goole 28.4 miles View
A606 Stamford West Bridgford 38.4 miles View
A608 Derby Annesley 15.7 miles View
A609 Nottingham Belper 17.1 miles View
A610 Nottingham Ambergate 17.6 miles View
A611 Nottingham Mansfield 13.2 miles View
A612 Nottingham Lowdham 12.7 miles View
A614 Redhill Bridlington 97.6 miles View
A616 Newark Huddersfield 68 miles View
A617 Chesterfield Newark 30.9 miles View
A619 Worksop Bakewell 26.4 miles View
A620 Ranby Beckingham 12.4 miles View
A631 Greenland, Sheffield near South Elkington 62.8 miles View
A632 Matlock Cuckney 22.5 miles View
A634 Maltby Barnby Moor 10.2 miles View
A638 Markham Moor Chain Bar 55.4 miles View
A1133 Winthorpe Torksey 13.7 miles View
A6002 Stapleford Bulwell 6.5 miles View
A6005 Nottingham Derby 13.7 miles View
A6006 Hathern Melton Mowbray 17.5 miles View
A6007 Stapleford Codnor 9.7 miles View
A6009 Rosemary Street, Mansfield St Peter's Way, Mansfield (circular route) 2.1 miles View
A6011 Nottingham Gamston 2.1 miles View
A6075 Fishpond Hill, Mansfield Darlton 19.6 miles View
A6096 Spondon Giltbrook 9.5 miles View
A6097 Bingham Warren Hill 10.4 miles View
A6117 Mansfield (East) Mansfield Woodhouse 3.7 miles View
A6191 Pleasley Rainworth 5.0 miles View
A6211 Netherfield Arnold 4.3 miles View
A6520 Trent Bridge Lady Bay Bridge 0.3 miles View  
B600 Nuthall Alfreton 12.1 miles View
B679 West Bridgford Clifton 1.7 miles View
B680 Wilford Ruddington 2.7 miles View
B683 Bulwell Ravenshead 4.9 miles View
B684 St Ann's Limelane House 6.3 miles View
B686 Sneinton Carlton 3.0 miles View
B692 Saxondale Roundabout Margidunum Roundabout 1.36 miles View
B1164 Carlton-on-Trent Markham Moor Roundabout 8.5 miles View
B1190 Tom Otter's Bridge Horncastle 29.3 miles View
B1396 Bessacar Haxey 11.3 miles View
B1403 Clarborough Misterton 8.2 miles View
B5010 Cavendish Bridge Bramcote 13.3 miles View
B6003 Toton Stapleford 3.0 miles View
B6004 Stapleford Arnold 7.9 miles View
B6006 Bramcote Hills Beeston 1.2 miles View
B6009 Watnall Chaworth Hucknall 3.1 miles View
B6010 Giltbrook Moorgreen 2.1 miles View
B6011 Hucknall Sherwood Lodge 3.0 miles View
B6014 Mansfield Tansley 13.8 miles View
B6016 Lower Hartshay Selston 6.5 miles View
B6018 Selston Sutton in Ashfield 3.8 miles View
B6019 Alfreton Kirkby in Ashfield 5.5 miles View
B6020 Kirkby in Ashfield Rainworth 9.9 miles View
B6021 Nuncargate Sutton in Ashfield 3.1 miles View
B6022 Kings Mill Road East Coxmoor Road 0.8 miles View
B6023 Fulwood, Sutton in Ashfield Sutton Forest Side 2.9 miles View
B6024 Mansfield Road Watson Road 0.6 miles View
B6026 Tibshelf Sutton in Ashfield 4.2 miles View
B6027 Huthwaite Fulwood 1.1 miles View
B6028 Sutton in Ashfield Stanton Hill 1.2 miles View
B6030 Mansfield Ollerton (S) 8.4 miles View
B6031 Church Warsop Warsop Vale 1.9 miles View
B6032 Leeming Lane South Priory Road 0.5 miles View
B6033 St Peter's Way Sherwood Hall Road 0.92 miles View
B6034 Rufford Worksop 8.9 miles View
B6035 Market Warsop Windmill Hill 1.5 miles View
B6040 Manton Wood Gateford 3.8 miles View
B6041 Gateford Worksop 3.5 miles View
B6044 Retford town centre Retford railway station 0.5 miles View
B6045 Worksop Drakeholes 13.1 miles View
B6079 Manton, Worksop Ranby 2.5 miles View
B6139 Sutton in Ashfield Ravenshead 3.0 miles View
B6166 Farndon Newark on Trent Bypass 3.0 miles View
B6325 North Muskham South Muskham 1.2 miles View
B6326 Balderton Newark-on-Trent 4.7 miles View
B6386 Redhill Southwell 2.9 miles View
B6387 Boughton Gamston 6.7 miles View
B6407 Pleasley Spion Cop 5.4 miles View
B6420 Apleyhead Babworth 2.8 miles View
B6461 Ollerton New Ollerton 0.5 miles View
B6463 Todwick Rossington 15.4 miles View
B6464 Chilwell Beeston (NE) 1.9 miles View     

Classified Unnumbered (Class III) Roads

Main Article: Nottinghamshire Council (Class III roads)


Main Article: Nottinghamshire Council (Junctions)

Bridges, Tunnels, and other Crossings

Main Article: Nottinghamshire Council (Crossings)


Nottinghamshire Council
A17 • A38 • A57 • A60 • A161 • A606 • A608 • A609 • A610 • A611 • A612 • A614 • A616 • A617 • A619 • A620 • A631 • A632 • A634 • A638 • A1133 • A6002 • A6005 • A6006 • A6007 • A6009 • A6011 • A6075 • A6096 • A6097 • A6117 • A6191 • A6211 • A6520 • B600 • B679 • B680 • B683 • B684 • B686 • B692 • B1164 • B1190 • B1396 • B1403 • B5010 • B6003 • B6004 • B6006 • B6009 • B6010 • B6011 • B6014 • B6016 • B6018 • B6019 • B6020 • B6021 • B6022 • B6023 • B6024 • B6026 • B6027 • B6028 • B6030 • B6031 • B6032 • B6033 • B6034 • B6035 • B6040 • B6041 • B6044 • B6045 • B6079 • B6139 • B6166 • B6325 • B6326 • B6386 • B6387 • B6407 • B6420 • B6461 (Notts) • B6463 • B6464
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