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Lincolnshire Council

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Lincolnshire County Council
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Primary Destinations
Boston • Gainsborough • Grantham • Lincoln • Skegness • Spalding • Sleaford
Other Important Destinations
Louth • Mablethorpe
Cambridgeshire • Leicestershire • Norfolk • North East Lincolnshire • North Lincolnshire • North Northamptonshire • Nottinghamshire • Peterborough • Rutland
National Highways Roads
A1, A46

Lincolnshire County Council is the Highway Authority responsible for all roads in the Administrative County of Lincolnshire, with the exception of Trunk roads managed by National Highways.

It lies within the historic county of Lincolnshire and was established in 1974. Prior to this, the area had been administered by Holland County Council, Parts of Lindsey County Council (which also administered the area now administered by North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire Councils), and Kesteven County Council.

Primary Destinations

The following Primary Destinations are located within the council area:

Trunk Roads

The following roads that run through the council area are at least partially Trunk Roads, and therefore managed by National Highways:

Principal and Classified Numbered Roads

The following is a list of A and B classified roads that are at least partially managed by the council:

Route From To Length


A15 Hessle (W) Norman Cross 99.3 miles View
A16 Peterborough Grimsby 82.8 miles View
A17 King's Lynn Newark-on-Trent 59.5 miles View
A18 Doncaster Ludborough 58 miles View
A43 M40 J10, Cherwell Valley Stamford 66.0 miles View
A46 Bath Cleethorpes 223 miles View
A52 Newcastle-under-Lyme Mablethorpe 146.0 miles View
A57 Liverpool Lincoln 122 miles View
A151 Colsterworth Holbeach 33.3 miles View
A152 Donington Sufleet Seas End 6.7 miles View
A153 Honington Louth 44.0 miles View
A155 Tumby West Keal 8.7 miles View
A156 Drinsey Nook Gainsborough 11.0 miles View
A157 Wragby Maltby le Marsh 27 miles View
A158 Skegness Lincoln 40.4 miles View
A159 Gainsborough Scunthorpe 15.5 miles View
A606 Stamford West Bridgford 38.4 miles View
A607 Leicester Bracebridge Heath 56.2 miles View
A631 Greenland, Sheffield near South Elkington 62.8 miles View
A1028 Ulceby Cross Gunby 5.4 miles View
A1031 Old Clee Mablethorpe 24.4 miles View
A1084 Brigg Caistor 9.1 miles View
A1101 Long Sutton bypass Bury St Edmunds 53.4 miles View
A1103 West Rasen Osgodby Moor 3.6 miles View
A1104 Ulceby Cross Mablethorpe 10.8 miles View
A1111 Alford Sutton-on-Sea 6.0 miles View
A1121 Boston Swineshead Bridge 5.3 miles View
A1133 Winthorpe Torksey 13.7 miles View
A1137 John Adams Way Sleaford Road 1.5 miles View
A1138 Boston Town Centre Boston Docks 0.3 miles View
A1173 Caistor Immingham 11.8 miles View
A1175 Stamford Spalding 17.75 miles View
A1192 University of Lincoln North Hykeham View
A1434 Greetwell South Hykeham 8 miles View
A1500 Marton Scampton 8.6 miles View
A6121 Morcott Bourne 17.7 miles View  
B199 Newland, Lincoln Melville Street, Lincoln 0.52 miles View
B676 Cotes Colsterworth 26.6 miles View
B1003 Far Wharf Lincoln College View
B1040 Biggleswade Crowland 50.5 miles View
B1081 Tickencote Carpenter's Lodge 4.7 miles View
B1131 Canwick Bracebridge Heath 1.4 miles View
B1162 Northborough Deeping St James 2.0 miles View
B1165 Spalding bypass Newton(E) 16.6 miles View
B1166 Market Deeping Leverington Common 22.3 miles View
B1167 Thorney By Pass Gedney Hill 7.2 miles View
B1168 Holbeach Drove Holbeach 9.0 miles View
B1172 Spalding Common Spalding 3.4 miles View
B1173 Spalding Spalding By Pass 2.7 miles View
B1174 Little Ponton Gonerby Moor 6.2 miles View
B1176 Ryhall Old Somerby 17.3 miles View
B1177 Haconby (W) Bridge End 8.7 miles View
B1178 Harmston Potterhanworth 7.3 miles View
B1180 Pinchbeck West Spalding 6.0 miles View
B1181 Bicker bypass Hoffleet Stow 1.5 miles View
B1182 Wragby Road Lincoln northern bypass 1.2 miles View
B1183 Boston Horncastle 16.5 miles View
B1184 Langrick Old Leake 10.2 miles View
B1188 Lincoln Ruskington 15.8 miles View
B1189 Billinghay Metheringham 8.3 miles View
B1190 Tom Otter's Bridge Horncastle 29.3 miles View
B1191 Ashby de la Launde(SW) Horncastle 19.5 miles View
B1192 Woodhall Spa Kirton 20.4 miles View
B1193 Park Farm Cherry Holt Road 1.5 miles View
B1195 Key's Toft Greetham (S) 16.7 miles View
B1196 Gunby Alford 6.5 miles View
B1200 Louth Bypass Saltfleetby St Clement (E) 11.0 miles View
B1201 North Thoresby Tetney(S) 2.4 miles View
B1202 Boothby Graffoe Market Rasen 27.6 miles View
B1203 Scartho Market Rasen 17.1 miles View
B1205 Blyton Nettleton 17.5 miles View
B1209 Leasingham Leasingham Moor 1.9 miles View
B1210 Kirmington Great Coates 10.2 miles View
B1211 Melton Ross Keelby 8.2 miles View
B1225 Caistor Baumber 19.8 miles View
B1226 Lincoln North Bypass Ermine, Lincoln 0.6 miles View
B1241 Lea Saxilby 10.3 miles View
B1262 St Catherine's, Lincoln Wigford Way / St Mary's Street, Lincoln 0.87 miles View
B1273 Tritton Road Nettleham Road 2.3 miles View
B1308 The Avenue Bunkers Hill 2.5 miles View
B1356 Spalding Surfleet 4.6 miles View
B1357 Cowbit Moulton Marsh 10.1 miles View
B1359 Long Sutton Gedney Drove End 7.9 miles View
B1360 Tritton Road High Street 0.51 miles View
B1373 Beesby Withern 2.4 miles View
B1378 Tritton Road Lincoln bypass 1.7 miles View
B1390 Sutton St James Long Sutton 4.2 miles View
B1391 Drayton Wyberton 4.5 miles View
B1394 Horbling (NE) Heckington 7.9 miles View
B1395 East Heckington North Kyme 6.1 miles View
B1397 Dowsby Skirbeck Quarter, Boston 18.2 miles View
B1398 Lincoln Raventhorpe 23.4 miles View
B1399 Bullington Holton cum Beckering 3.0 miles View
B1400 Kirton in Lindsey Airfield Messingham 7.0 miles View
B1429 RAF Cranwell Cranwell 3.5 miles View
B1433 Gainsborough White's Wood Farm 1.8 miles View
B1434 Owersby Moor Kettlby 8.2 miles View
B1443 Stamford Thorney 18.0 miles View
B1449 Bilsby Mumby 2.8 miles View
B1451 Lumley Square Burgh Road 0.9 miles View
B1515 Holbeach(W) Fleet Hargate 3.1 miles View
B1517 Quarrington Bone Mill Junction, Sleaford 2.7 miles View
B1518 Sleaford Holdingham 1.1 miles View
B1520 Louth By Pass(S) Louth By Pass(N) 2.3 miles View
B1524 Northborough Market Deeping By Pass(N) 2.0 miles View
B1525 Market Deeping Deeping St Nicholas(SW) 3.7 miles View
B1528 Burgh Road Skegness Station 1.1 miles View
B6403 Colsterworth(S) Byard's Leap 18.4 miles View     

Classified Unnumbered (Class III) Roads

Main Article: Lincolnshire Council (Class III roads)

For its Class III road network, Lincolnshire County Council uses "C" prefixes.


Main Article: Lincolnshire Council (Junctions)

Bridges, Tunnels, and other Crossings

Main Article: Lincolnshire Council (Crossings)


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Lincoln Eastern Bypass Flythrough

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North Hykeham Relief Road Flythrough

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Holdingham Roundabout - Artists Impression

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North Hykeham Relief Road Flythrough - March 2023

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Lincolnshire Council
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