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Location Map
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From:  Todwick (SK496851)
To:  Rossington (SK629995)
Via:  Harworth
Distance:  15.4 miles (24.8 km)
Meets:  A57, B6060, A60, A634, A631, A6182
Highway Authorities

Doncaster  • Nottinghamshire  • Rotherham

Traditional Counties

Nottinghamshire • Yorkshire

Route outline (key)
B6463 Todwick - Oldcotes
(A60, A634) Oldcotes
B6463 Oldcotes - Rossington

The B6463 is a cross-country route through the Nottinghamshire / South Yorkshire coalfield. It was originally unclassified but gained its number in the mid-1930s.

The road starts at a roundabout on the A57 on the northern edge of Todwick and not far from M1 J31. It heads northeastwards across the fields to reach the outskirts of Laughton Common. We go through an industrial estate, split by a bridge over a freight railway line and a brief residential area. It's not long before a roundabout is reached, where we cross the B6060.

After crossing a few fields we skirt the northern edge of Throapham, part of the same urban area, before continuing across open country for a couple of miles. We bear left to pass through a wood then regain our easterly course which takes us to a T-junction on the A60 on the southern edge of Oldcotes. There's a multiplex north along that road to a mini-roundabout then east along the A634 through the village centre before the B6463 turns left to regain its number on the far side of the village.

After a straight section of road we zigzag to enter Styrrup where we run along Main Street then pass a golf course before going under the A1(M) and over the same railway line as before. A couple of fields later we enter Harworth, where we run along Main Street to a mini-roundabout and turn left. After leaving town we cross the A631 at a staggered crossroads (originally just straight across) before following a straight road across Tickhill High Common. Presently the road starts to wind then bears left to enter New Rossington from the south. After going over the East Coast Main Line we continue to a roundabout and turn right.

The road follows a zigzag course through the northern suburbs of Rossington before becoming flat and straight once more. The road originally ended on the A638 (former A1) but construction of the A6182 has altered this junction so we now end on the latter road slightly further southwest.

JunctionsParrots Corner
MiscellaneousDoncaster Sheffield Airport
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