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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Alfreton (SK409558)
To:  Kirkby in Ashfield (SK487553)
Distance:  5.5 miles (8.9 km)
Meets:  A61, B600, A38, M1, B6018
Former Number(s):  A615
Highway Authorities

Derbyshire • Nottinghamshire

Traditional Counties

Derbyshire • Nottinghamshire

Route outline (key)
B6019 Alfreton - Kirkby in Ashfield


The B6019 is a short, largely urban B-road running east of Alfreton.

Mansfield Road, Alfreton

The B6019 starts at traffic lights on the A61 in Alfreton town centre. It heads east along the High Street before reaching a mini-roundabout where the B600 heads off to the right whilst the B6019 bears left and leaves town on Mansfield Road. The edge of town is marked by a bridge carrying the road over the Sheffield to Nottingham railway line. To our left is Alfreton railway station, formerly known also as Mansfield Parkway station before Mansfield got its own station back in the 1990s - we are still quite a way from there though!

We press on into the countryside, passing an old ammunition store on our left, and into South Normanton village. Strangely, there isn't a North Normanton, or indeed any other Normanton for some distance from here.... In any case, the road here is pretty straight, and progress is only halted by mini-roundabouts for various estates. Eventually we leave South Normanton and reach a choice on our route - straight on or right - both routes take on our B6019 number. If you were to carry straight on, you'd quickly reach the big roundabout with the M1 and A38 at junction 28. However, we'll turn right here to follow the mainline.

Turning right takes us onto Pinxton Lane, which crosses the A38 and, oddly, Pinxton village. We pass along the eastern fringes of Pinxton, only stopped by a set of traffic lights for a right turning towards the centre. We follow Town Street to the end, we we find ourselves at a crossroads, and we must TOTSO to the left to carry on here, underneath the M1. Once out on the other side of the motorway we are out in the country on our last leg towards Kirkby. Just before the end of the road, we pass some colliery terraces on our left (for the old Bentinck Colliery), which we can see ahead of us as we reach a T-junction with the B6018 where we finish - turn left here for Kirkby.


The first half of the route (as far as the turn-off along Pinxton Lane) once formed the main route to Mansfield and the M1 from Afreton, Derby and all points west of here. This was originally the A615. The construction of the M1 in the 1960s moved that road onto the bypass, extending the B6019 along its former route into Alfreton; the bypass has more recently been renumbered as part of an extended A38.

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