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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Stapleford (SK504376)
To:  Codnor (SK420497)
Distance:  9.7 miles (15.6 km)
Meets:  A52, A6002, A609, A6096, A608, A610, B6007
Former Number(s):  B6005, B6003
Highway Authorities

Derbyshire • Nottinghamshire

Traditional Counties

Derbyshire • Nottinghamshire

Route outline (key)
A6007 Bramcote - Trowell
(A609) Trowell - Ilkeston
A6007 Ilkeston - Heanor
(A608) Heanor
A6007 Heanor - Codnor

Nothing more than a local Erewash link road really, the A6007 links Stapleford with Ilkeston, Heanor and Codnor - though anyone wanting to go between the end points would surely use A52, M1 and A610.


The road starts at the hamburger-style island at Bramcote with the A52 and B5010 (slightly weird, as Nottingham-bound A52 traffic actually goes through the centre of the island but Derby-bound traffic doesn't). The first part provides a northern bypass of Stapleford. The A6002 and B6004 are met at a tight double mini-island, before the B6003 is met at another. We turn right, after which the M1 is crossed over and a railway crosses over the road, before this section of the A6007 ends with a T-junction on the A609 at Trowell.

The A6007 then multiplexes with the A609 as the latter approaches Ilkeston and enters Derbyshire. The multiplex is rather long, explained by the fact that until the 1970s the A6007 only went north of Ilkeston.

At White Lion Square, really an island with the A609 and A6096, the A6007 resurfaces. This used to pass down High Street but now follows the 1994 Relief Road. Surprisingly for a route so close to the town centre, this is high-quality D2, though with a 40 limit. This section is a multiplex too, this time with the A6096 though the A6007 takes priority. At an island the A6096 diverges towards Eastwood and Awsworth, though the latter is now bypassed and the onslaught to the former is completed by the B6010. The dual carriageway continues for a short distance to meet the old alignment at another roundabout with the B6007 (two roads meeting with the same number!).

Heanor Road, Ilkeston

The A6007 then passes through the northern fringes of Ilkeston (actually Cotmanhay), passing the now closed Ilkeston North Station (LNER). It then runs on to Shipley (site of the American Adventure theme park, which closed in 2007) before approaching Heanor on the southeast, where it reaches a signalled T-junction with the A608.

Another multiplex, this time with the A608, takes the A6007 through Heanor along Market Street before the roads diverge at an island by a Tesco store. The A6007 uneventfully leaves Heanor before passing through Loscoe and Crosshill before entering Codnor and terminating at a signalled junction at the top of a hill with the A610, where that road TOTSOs.

Original Author(s): ForestChav


Ilkeston Relief Road - The Chalons Way dual carriageway opened on 6 May 1994. Cost £11 million.

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