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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Stortford Park (TL468219)
To:  Birchanger Green (TL510217)
Distance:  3 miles (4.8 km)
Meets:  A120, A1184, B1529, B1004, A1059, A1060, B1383, A120
Former Number(s):  A120
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties

Hertfordshire • Essex

Route outline (key)
A1250 Stortford Park - Birchanger Green

The A1250 follows the pre-bypass route of the A120 through the Hertfordshire town of Bishop's Stortford.

The road starts at a roundabout to the western side of town, where the A120 moves onto the northern bypass and the A1184 forms the western bypass. The A1250 heads east into town along Hadham Road, which quickly becomes residential. After passing the local independent school a couple of mini-roundabouts in quick succession bring us into the town centre.

Originally the A120 zigzagged past the Market Place along North Street and Bridge Street but a relief road was later built and the A1250 has always had its current route. The B1004 leaves to the north at a roundabout and we continue past the town centre along the unimaginatively named Link Road. We pass between the castle grounds and an office block before meeting Bridge Street and bearing left, where a short D2 section takes us over the River Stort. Some maps claim the A1059 loops south here to meet the railway station.

A1250 Roundabout, Birchanger

After the road narrows again it crosses the West Anglia Main Line to reach traffic lights where the A1060 turns off to the right; this is the pre-bypass northern end of the A1184. The A1250 now continues east along Dunmow Road through the eastern suburbs. After a sharp left-hand bend the road passes a playing field. It turns right at the next roundabout to pass a golf course and then skirts Birchanger Green services. The road ends at a roundabout back on the A120, only a short distance west of M11 J8, from where the services can be accessed.

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