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Primary Destinations
Hemel Hempstead • Hertford • St Albans • Stevenage • Watford
Other Important Destinations
Baldock • Barnet • Bishops Stortford • Cheshunt • Hatfield • Hitchin • Letchworth • Rickmansworth • Tring • Welwyn Garden City
Current Highway Authorities
Barnet LBC • Hertfordshire County Council
Bedfordshire • Buckinghamshire • Cambridgeshire • Essex • Middlesex
Highways England Roads
M1 • M25 • A1(M) • A1 • A5 • A405 • A414
Transport for London Roads
This article is about the county.
For the highway authority, see Hertfordshire Council

Hertfordshire is a traditional county immediately to the north of London.

Geography & Economy

Letchworth Garden City

Hertfordshire heads north from the edge of London; indeed part of the Greater London conurbation lies within the county, which extends some distance inside the M25. Much of Hertfordshire is built-up, with the county becoming more rural in the north. Although the county is largely low-lying it does merge into the Chilterns in the west. The county is within the London commuter belt, with good transport links to the capital, although Hertfordshire has its own industry and agriculture is still important. There are a number of New Towns and Garden Cities. St Albans is known for its Roman remains.


Tunnel on the A505 Baldock bypass

Owing to its proximity to London, most traffic heading north from the capital has to pass through Hertfordshire; the A5 and A1 pass through the county, as does the original route of the A6 (although that road no longer exists south of Luton). As such, with a handful of exceptions (most notably the A414 and A505), the county's road network radiates out of London. However, some of the more minor Class II roads are remarkably narrow. The first roundabout in the country, Sollershot Circus, was built in Letchworth Garden City. Hertfordshire is in the debatable situation of having two downgraded motorways: the A10 (now A414) and A41(M) (now A41).

Most of the non-trunk roads in Hertfordshire are maintained by Hertfordshire County Council, although the area around Chipping Barnet is maintained by Barnet London Borough Council. Highways England maintain the main M25, M1 and A1/A1(M). The A5 is still trunk (although plans are underway to bypass this) and there are a couple of other trunk roads near St Albans. Part of the A1 is maintained by Transport for London, the only road in Hertfordshire under their control.

At one time the A5 and A6 cannoned off each other in the centre of St Albans but both roads have now been downgraded here.

Route From To Length
A1 London Edinburgh 396 miles View
A1(M) South Mimms Washington 122 miles View
A1(M) South Mimms Baldock 24 miles View
A1 City of London South Mimms 16 miles View
A10 Monument, London Hardwick Roundabout, King's Lynn 99.7 miles View
A1000 East Finchley, London Welwyn Garden City 21.0 miles View
A1001 Millward's Park Oldings Corner 4.1 miles View
A1010 Bruce Grove, Tottenham Waltham Cross 7.0 miles View
A1032 Hoddesdon St Margarets 2.0 miles View
A1057 Hatfield St Albans 4.2 miles View
A1059 London Road Hadham Road 0.9 miles View
A1060 Bishop's Stortford Sandon, Chelmsford 21.5 miles View
A1070 Horizon Technology Park Stevenage Town Centre 0.3 miles View
A1070 Martins Way Gunnels Wood Road 2.8 miles View
A1072 Broadhall Way Verity Way 4.0 miles View
A108 Wood Green Cheshunt 10.7 miles View
A1081 High Barnet Luton Airport 20.5 miles View
A11 London Norwich 61.8 miles View
A11(M) Stratford Bishops Stortford 32 miles View
A110 Woodford Wells Barnet 10.8 miles View
A111 Palmers Green Potters Bar 7.0 miles View
A1155 Gunnels Wood Road Martins Way 2.5 miles View
A1170 Ware By Pass Turnford 8.5 miles View
A1184 Harlow Bishop's Stortford By Pass 6.9 miles View
A119 Ware Watton at Stone 7.4 miles View
A120 Puckeridge Harwich 63.2 miles View
A121 Waltham Cross Woodford Wells 10.0 miles View
A1241 Great Cambridge Road Goff's Lane 1.5 miles View
A1250 Stortford Park Birchanger Green 3.0 miles View
A14 Royston Alconbury 26.5 miles View
A4008 Watford East Hatch End, Harrow 5.5 miles View
A404 Marylebone, London Maidenhead 43.4 miles View
A405 Hunton Bridge Park Street 4.8 miles View
A409 Harrow Bushey Heath 4.7 miles View
A41 London Birkenhead 204 miles View
A41(M) Bucklandwharf Tring 2 miles View
A41 Mayfair Hunton Bridge View
A41 Hunton Bridge Aylesbury View
A411 Barnet Hunton Bridge 13.8 miles View
A412 Slough Garston, Watford 18.9 miles View
A4125 Northwood, London Watford 3.9 miles View
A414 Apsley, Hemel Hempstead Maldon 66.9 miles View
A4140 Brent Bushey Heath 6.3 miles View
A4145 Batchworth Watford 4.6 miles View
A4146 Hemel Hempstead Milton Keynes 29.1 miles View
A4147 Hemel Hempstead St Albans 8.3 miles View
A416 Amersham Berkhamsted 8.1 miles View
A4160 Aston Clinton Dunstable 11.3 miles View
A4163 The Grove Leavesden Green 0.7 miles View
A4178 Oxhey Watford 1.2 miles View
A4251 Kings Langley Wigginton 12.1 miles View
A5 London Holyhead 252 miles View
A5 Marble Arch Brockley View
A5 Chalton Stony Stratford View
A500 Marble Arch Tally Ho Corner, North Finchley 8.0 miles View
A505 Leighton Buzzard Great Abington 49.2 miles View
A507 Brogborough Buntingford 31.4 miles View
A5088 West Hampstead Hunton Bridge 14.6 miles View
A5092 Mill Hill Hatfield 11.7 miles View
A5109 Edgware Whetstone 5.3 miles View
A5135 Rowley Green Elstree Studios 1.2 miles View
A5160 Dunstable Bourne Bridge 39 miles View
A5183 Elstree Thorn 24.0 miles View
A555 Highgate Hatfield 17.5 miles View
A6 Luton Carlisle 299 miles View
A600 Hitchin Bedford 17.3 miles View
A6000 Old Park Road High Street 0.3 miles View
A601 Luton Bourn Bridge 33.5 miles View
A602 Hitchin Ware 15.6 miles View
A6115 Welwyn town centre The Clock Hotel 0.4 miles View
A6129 Hatfield (N) Welwyn Garden City 1.5 miles View
A6132 Bedford Road Cambridge Road 0.9 miles View
A6141 Letchworth Baldock 3.3 miles View
Akeman Street St Albans Cirencester View
B1000 Welwyn Garden City Hertford 4.3 miles View
B1001 Ware bypass Ware town centre 0.7 miles View
B1002 Ware Bishop's Stortford 11.6 miles View
B1003 High Street London Road 0.8 miles View
B1004 Bishop's Stortford Ware 13.1 miles View
B1005 Bishop's Stortford Hatfield Heath 3.9 miles View
B1037 Pin Green, Stevenage Cottered 5.5 miles View
B1038 Buntingford Newport 11.7 miles View
B1039 Royston Wendens Ambo 11.2 miles View
B1197 Hoddesdon Hertford 3.1 miles View
B1368 Puckeridge Hauxton 19.6 miles View
B1383 Bishop's Stortford Stump Cross 17.5 miles View
B1453 Whetstone Osidge 1.3 miles View
B1455 Holwell Caravan Site Essendon 0.5 miles View
B1502 Hertford Great Amwell 2.4 miles View
B1529 London Road Hadham Road 1.0 mile View
B156 Potters Bar Turnford 7.4 miles View
B157 Brookmans Park Cuffley 3.3 miles View
B158 Brookmans Park Tonwell 10.9 miles View
B176 Waltham Cross Turnford 2.7 miles View
B179 Hoddesdon Stanstead St Margaret's 2.0 miles View
B180 Stanstead Abbotts Widford 3.7 miles View
B181 Great Amwell North Weald Bassett 13.6 miles View
B190 Stanborough Lemsford 3.5 miles View
B193 Barnet East Barnet 1.0 mile View
B194 Waltham Abbey Broxbourne 6.0 miles View
B195 Cole Green Lemsford 4.4 miles View
B197 Hatfield House Baldock 19.0 miles View
B198 Goff's Lane, Cheshunt Turner's Hill, Cheshunt 1.8 miles View
B4021 Rectory Road Church Street 0.3 miles View
B440 Hemel Hempstead Leighton Buzzard 12.4 miles View
B4504 Batchworth Watford 3.8 miles View
B4505 Chesham Boxmoor 6.5 miles View
B4506 Northchurch Whipsnade 7.3 miles View
B4539 North Western Avenue St Albans Road 1.6 miles View
B4540 Whipsnade (W) Luton 7.8 miles View
B4542 Eastbury The Rookery 3.5 miles View
B460 Hatch End Oxhey 3.1 miles View
B462 Radlett Oxhey 4.1 miles View
B4630 Noke roundabout, Chiswell Green St Stephen's, St Albans 1.6 miles View
B4635 Bucklandwharf Tring(SE) 2.0 miles View
B468 Northwood Oxhey 3.9 miles View
B486 Tring town centre Tring Wharf 0.89 miles View
B486 Boxmoor Leighton Buzzard 15.6 miles View
B487 Hemel Hempstead Harpenden Common 5.9 miles View
B488 Tring Linslade 9.9 miles View
B489 Buckland Dunstable 10.6 miles View
B5378 Elstree London Colney 7.2 miles View
B552 Hendon Barnet Gate 4.7 miles View
B553 Edgware Whetstone 5.4 miles View
B554 Highwood Hill Barnet Gate 0.9 miles View
B555 Radlett Hatfield 6.6 miles View
B556 Potters Bar Radlett 7.5 miles View
B6424 London Road Victoria Street 0.21 miles View
B6426 Comet Roundabout Great North Road 1.6 miles View
B6426 St Albans Water End, North Mymms 3.8 miles View
B651 St Albans Rush Green 12.3 miles View
B652 Harpenden Kimpton 4.7 miles View
B653 Luton Stanborough 10.7 miles View
B655 Barton-le-Clay Hitchin 7.5 miles View
B656 Welwyn Pixmore Way, Baldock 15.5 miles View
B656 Letchworth Lannock Hill 1.9 miles View
B657 Baldock Road Letchworth Station 0.9 miles View
B691 Chequer Street Hatfield Road 0.7 miles View
C1 Therfield Heath Barkway 5.7 miles View
C10 Redcoats Green Brent Pelham View
C100 Chorleywood Station Chorleywood Common View
C101 Batchworth Woodcock Hill View
C102 Harlequin St Albans Road View
C103 Chorleywood Common Willow Wood View
C104 Watford town centre North Watford View
C105 Bishop's Stortford County Boundary 0.8 miles View
C106 Ayot Green Sandridge 4.2 miles View
C107 North of Gravesend County Boundary View
C108 Buntingford Sandon 3.0 miles View
C109 Fairfield Walsworth 2.8 miles View
C11 Lincoln Hill Nuthampstead 3.6 miles View
C110 County Boundary Norton Way South, Letchworth 1.6 miles View
C111 Flaunden Flaunden Bottom View
C112 Baldock Letchworth 0.9 miles View
C113 West Hyde Coppermill Lock View
C118 The Bell London Colney Roundabout View
C119 Roehyde Way Cavendish Way 0.6 miles View
C12 Buntingford B1368 4.9 miles View
C120 Hitchin Road Station Place 0.9 miles View
C122 Oxhey Park Watford Heath View
C123 Hagden Lane Hagden Lane View
C124 Watford Palace Theatre Watford Junction station View
C125 Collins Cross Dunmow Road 0.7 miles View
C126 Dane Street London Road 0.1 miles View
C127 Apsley Jarman Park View
C128 Leverstock Green Adeyfield View
C129 Hemel Old Town Widmore Wood View
C13 Hare Street County Boundary 4.9 miles View
C130 Apsley Felden View
C131 Carpenders Park Eastbury View
C132 Hitchin Road Holwell Road 0.6 miles View
C133 The Angel's Reply The Victoria 0.4 miles View
C134 Offley Hill Lilley Bottom 2.2 miles View
C135 Hilfield Park Reservoir Medburn View
C136 Stevenage Road Queen Street View
C137 Dinant Link Road County Boundary 0.9 miles View
C138 Tring Park Wigginton View
C139 Berkhamsted Hamberlins Wood View
C14 Baldock Puckeridge View
C141 St Albans Cathedral Verulamium View
C142 St Albans Abbey Loreto College View
C143 St Albans Stanborough View
C144 Hitchin Street Icknield Way View
C145 Norton Way South Baldock Road 0.4 miles View
C146 Berkhamsted Berkhamsted Hill View
C147 The Campus Bessemer Road 1.0 mile View
C148 Hertford Road Tewin 0.8 miles View
C149 Mill Green Black Fan Road 2.1 miles View
C15 Hunsdon Pound Washall Green View
C150 Champneys Cholesbury View
C151 Little Gaddesden Hudnall Common View
C152 Cole Green Hertingfordbury 1.9 miles View
C153 south of Markyate north of Markyate View
C154 Newgate Street Northaw 2.3 miles View
C156 Friar's Wash Pepperstock View
C157 Maple Cross Horn Hill View
C158 View
C159 Gade Valley Abbots Langley View
C16 White Stubbs Lane Station Road, Westmill View
C160 Batchworth Heath Harefield Reservoir View
C161 Eastwick High Wych 3.1 miles View
C162 London Road, Sawbridgeworth Sawbridgeworth Station 0.9 km View
C163 Ware Road 1.4 miles View
C164 Goff's Lane Great Cambridge Road 0.6 miles View
C165 2.5 miles View
C168 Monarch's Way Monarch's Way 0.2 miles View
C169 High Street Monarch's Way 0.2 miles View
C17 London Road, Barley Chishill Road, Barley 0.3 miles View
C170 View
C171 Ashbrook Corey's Mill 1.5 miles View
C172 Tonwell Tonwell 0.4 miles View
C174 South Mimms St Albans View
C175 The Bell Colney Heath View
C176 North Road, Hertford Old Cross, Hertford 0.3 miles View
C177 Stevenson Way Radlett Road 0.1 miles View
C18 Stevenage Clothall View
C180 Bourne End Junction Bourne End View
C181 Berkhamsted Bypass Bourne End Lane View
C182 Bessemer Road Waterside 1.3 miles View
C183 Puckeridge Ware 4.4 miles View
C184 Thundridge Tonwell 1.5 miles View
C19 Letchworth Weston 3.6 miles View
C2 Royston Road Therfield 2.7 miles View
C20 St Ibbs Stevenage View
C21 Bedford Road County Boundary 1.3 miles View
C219 Fairley Hill Downside 2.9 miles View
C22 Pirton Bedford Road 2.7 miles View
C220 Downside Jockey End 4.7 miles View
C225 Whipsnade Hudnall Common 3.4 miles View
C23 Pirton Cross County Boundary 3.4 miles View
C24 Codicote Hexton View
C25 Lilley Bottom Great Offley 2.3 miles View
C26 Hitchin County Boundary 6.5 miles View
C27 Whitwell Dane Street Farm 3.6 miles View
C28 Hitch Wood Preston 1.3 miles View
C29 St Pauls Walden Benington 9.2 miles View
C3 1.7 miles View
C30 Watton-at-Stone Walkern 4.2 miles View
C31 Woodhall Park Walkern Road 4.9 miles View
C32 Hay Street Turn Hay Street 0.8 miles View
C33 Braughing Furneux Pelham 3.7 miles View
C34 Braughing Horse Cross 1.8 miles View
C35 0.8 miles View
C36 Barwick Puckeridge View
C37 Much Hadham Puckeridge View
C38 0.6 miles View
C39 Woolmer Green Sawbridgeworth View
C4 2.3 miles View
C40 High Wych Trims Green 2.7 miles View
C41 Ware Wareside 3.3 miles View
C42 Widbury Hill, Ware Stanstead Abbotts 1.9 miles View
C43 Great Amwell Hoddesdon 3.1 miles View
C44 Codicote Codicote Bottom View
C45 Codicote Chiltern Green View
C46 Codicote Wheathampstead 3.6 miles View
C47 Digswell Hill Codicote Road 2.0 miles View
C48 Datchworth Hertford 4.6 miles View
C49 Digswell Burnham Green 2.4 miles View
C5 Cromer Ashwell View
C50 Hertford Road Burnham Green View
C51 Welwyn Road Lower Hatfield Road 2.7 miles View
C52 Hertingfordbury Lower Hatfield Road 0.9 miles View
C53 1.1 miles View
C54 Cheshunt Lower Hatfield Road View
C55 Cucumber Lane Little Berkhamsted 1.1 miles View
C56 North Mymms Wormley View
C57 Queenswood School County Boundary View
C58 Hawkshead Road Welham Green 1.8 miles View
C59 Potters Bar North Mymms 2.9 miles View
C6 0.379 km View
C60 Bell Bar Welham Green View
C61 Sandridge Smallford View
C62 Townsend Samuel Ryde Academy View
C63 Redbourn Kinsbourne Green View
C64 Berkhamsted Gaddesden Row View
C65 Gaddesden Row Markyate View
C66 Redbourn Great Bradwin's Wood 6.1 miles View
C67 Water End Ringshall View
C68 Woodfield Spring Walk Wood View
C69 Heath End Pitstone Hill View
C7 Great North Road Ashwell 2.9 miles View
C70 Tring Berkhamsted Common View
C71 Tring Wharf Thistle Brook View
C72 Boxmoor Wallace's Wood View
C73 Bovingdon Leyhill Common View
C74 Watford Kings Landing View
C75 Courtlands Bovingdon View
C76 Hemel Hempstead Hunton Bridge View
C77 Leavesden Green Leverstock Green View
C78 Verulamium Kings Langley View
C79 Bricket Wood Beechtrees View
C8 County Boundary with Bedfordshire County Boundary with Cambridgeshire 4.1 miles View
C80 Leavesden Green Park Street View
C81 Park Street Chiswell Green View
C82 Elstree Aldenham View
C83 Hilfield Park Reservoir Aldenham View
C84 Radlett Ridge View
C85 Scratch Wood Radlett View
C86 Borehamwood Shenley View
C87 Grove Park Leavesden Country Park View
C88 Garston Park Abbots Langley View
C89 Letchworth County Boundary 2.9 miles View
C9 Baldock County Boundary with Cambridgeshire View
C90 Sawbridgeworth County Boundary 0.99 km View
C91 Lemsford Hatfield 2.2 miles View
C92 Harpenden Common Heartwood Forest View
C93 Hatching Green Southdown View
C94 Harpenden Wheathampstead View
C95 Dane End Old Hall Green 2.8 miles View
C96 Gustard Wood Lilley Bottom View
C97 St Albans London Colney View
C98 Verulamium St Stephens View
C99 Chenies Heronsgate View
Cublington Airport Motorway Harefield Quarrendon View
E13 Doncaster Staples Corner 144 miles View
E15 Inverness Dover 640 miles View
E30 Cork Felixstowe 541.2 miles View
E31 London Glasgow 405 miles View
E31 London Glasgow 446 miles View
E33 London Glasgow 405 miles View
Ermine Street London York 188.5 miles View
Great North Road (A1) London Aberford View
Hatfield - Reading Turnpike Hatfield Reading View
Holyhead Road London Holyhead View
Icknield Way Salisbury(?) Hunstanton(?) View
M1 Staples Corner, Middlesex Hook Moor, Yorkshire 200 miles View
M10 Hemel Hempstead Park Street 2.7 miles View
M100 South Mimms Pelaw 256 miles View
M11 Woodford, Essex Girton, Cambridgeshire 51 miles View
M16 Bushey, Hertfordshire Purfleet, Essex 3 miles View
M25 Fleet Downs, near Dartford Thurrock 117 miles View
POLO Channel Tunnel Harwich View
Stane Street St Albans Colchester 57 miles View
T1 London Scrabster View
T102 Hunton Bridge Hatfield 11.5 miles View
T11 London Holyhead View
T12 London Inverness View
T31 London Kings Lynn View
T35 London Birmingham View
Watling Street Dover Wroxeter View 


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Watford) • B4505 • B4506 • B4539 • B4540 • B4542 • B460 • B462 • B4630 • B4635 • B468 • B486 • B486 (Boxmoor - Leighton Buzzard) • B487 • B488 • B489 • B5378 • B552 • B553 • B554 • B555 • B556 • B6424 • B6426 • B6426 (St Albans - Water End) • B651 • B652 • B653 • B655 • B656 • B656 (Willian) • B657 • B691 • C1 (Hertfordshire) • C10 (Hertfordshire) • C100 (Hertfordshire) • C101 (Hertfordshire) • C102 (Hertfordshire) • C103 (Hertfordshire) • C104 (Hertfordshire) • C105 (Hertfordshire) • C106 (Hertfordshire) • C107 (Hertfordshire) • C108 (Hertfordshire) • C109 (Hertfordshire) • C11 (Hertfordshire) • C110 (Hertfordshire) • C111 (Hertfordshire) • C112 (Hertfordshire) • C113 (Hertfordshire) • C118 (Hertfordshire) • C119 (Hertfordshire) • C12 (Hertfordshire) • C120 (Hertfordshire) • C122 (Hertfordshire) • C123 (Hertfordshire) • C124 (Hertfordshire) • C125 (Hertfordshire) • C126 (Hertfordshire) • C127 (Hertfordshire) • C128 (Hertfordshire) • C129 (Hertfordshire) • C13 (Hertfordshire) • C130 (Hertfordshire) • C131 (Hertfordshire) • C132 (Hertfordshire) • C133 (Hertfordshire) • C134 (Hertfordshire) • C135 (Hertfordshire) • C136 (Hertfordshire) • C137 (Hertfordshire) • C138 (Hertfordshire) • C139 (Hertfordshire) • C14 (Hertfordshire) • C141 (Hertfordshire) • C142 (Hertfordshire) • C143 (Hertfordshire) • C144 (Hertfordshire) • C145 (Hertfordshire) • C146 (Hertfordshire) • C147 (Hertfordshire) • C148 (Hertfordshire) • C149 (Hertfordshire) • C15 (Hertfordshire) • C150 (Hertfordshire) • C151 (Hertfordshire) • C152 (Hertfordshire) • C153 (Hertfordshire) • C154 (Hertfordshire) • C156 (Hertfordshire) • C157 (Hertfordshire) • C158 (Hertfordshire) • C159 (Hertfordshire) • C16 (Hertfordshire) • C160 (Hertfordshire) • C161 (Hertfordshire) • C162 (Hertfordshire) • C163 (Hertfordshire) • C164 (Hertfordshire) • C165 (Hertfordshire) • C168 (Hertfordshire) • C169 (Hertfordshire) • C17 (Hertfordshire) • C170 (Hertfordshire) • C171 (Hertfordshire) • C172 (Hertfordshire) • C174 (Hertfordshire) • C175 (Hertfordshire) • C176 (Hertfordshire) • C177 (Hertfordshire) • C18 (Hertfordshire) • C180 (Hertfordshire) • C181 (Hertfordshire) • C182 (Hertfordshire) • C183 (Hertfordshire) • C184 (Hertfordshire) • C19 (Hertfordshire) • C2 (Hertfordshire) • C20 (Hertfordshire) • C21 (Hertfordshire) • C219 (Central Bedfordshire) • C22 (Hertfordshire) • C220 (Central Bedfordshire) • C225 (Central Bedfordshire) • C23 (Hertfordshire) • C24 (Hertfordshire) • C25 (Hertfordshire) • C26 (Hertfordshire) • C27 (Hertfordshire) • C28 (Hertfordshire) • C29 (Hertfordshire) • C3 (Hertfordshire) • C30 (Hertfordshire) • C31 (Hertfordshire) • C32 (Hertfordshire) • C33 (Hertfordshire) • C34 (Hertfordshire) • C35 (Hertfordshire) • C36 (Hertfordshire) • C37 (Hertfordshire) • C38 (Hertfordshire) • C39 (Hertfordshire) • C4 (Hertfordshire) • C40 (Hertfordshire) • C41 (Hertfordshire) • C42 (Hertfordshire) • C43 (Hertfordshire) • C44 (Hertfordshire) • C45 (Hertfordshire) • C46 (Hertfordshire) • C47 (Hertfordshire) • C48 (Hertfordshire) • C49 (Hertfordshire) • C5 (Hertfordshire) • C50 (Hertfordshire) • C51 (Hertfordshire) • C52 (Hertfordshire) • C53 (Hertfordshire) • C54 (Hertfordshire) • C55 (Hertfordshire) • C56 (Hertfordshire) • C57 (Hertfordshire) • C58 (Hertfordshire) • C59 (Hertfordshire) • C6 (Hertfordshire) • C60 (Hertfordshire) • C61 (Hertfordshire) • C62 (Hertfordshire) • C63 (Hertfordshire) • C64 (Hertfordshire) • C65 (Hertfordshire) • C66 (Hertfordshire) • C67 (Hertfordshire) • C68 (Hertfordshire) • C69 (Hertfordshire) • C7 (Hertfordshire) • C70 (Hertfordshire) • C71 (Hertfordshire) • C72 (Hertfordshire) • C73 (Hertfordshire) • C74 (Hertfordshire) • C75 (Hertfordshire) • C76 (Hertfordshire) • C77 (Hertfordshire) • C78 (Hertfordshire) • C79 (Hertfordshire) • C8 (Hertfordshire) • C80 (Hertfordshire) • C81 (Hertfordshire) • C82 (Hertfordshire) • C83 (Hertfordshire) • C84 (Hertfordshire) • C85 (Hertfordshire) • C86 (Hertfordshire) • C87 (Hertfordshire) • C88 (Hertfordshire) • C89 (Hertfordshire) • C9 (Hertfordshire) • C90 (Hertfordshire) • C91 (Hertfordshire) • C92 (Hertfordshire) • C93 (Hertfordshire) • C94 (Hertfordshire) • C95 (Hertfordshire) • C96 (Hertfordshire) • C97 (Hertfordshire) • C98 (Hertfordshire) • C99 (Hertfordshire) • Cublington Airport Motorway • E13 • E15 • E30 • E31 (via Carlisle) • E31 (via Newcastle) • E33 (London - Glasgow) • Ermine Street • Great North Road • Hatfield - Reading Turnpike • Holyhead Road • Icknield Way • M1 • M10 • M100 • M11 • M16 • M25 • POLO • Stane Street (East Anglia) • T1 (Britain) • T102 (Britain) • T11 (Britain) • T12 (Britain) • T31 (Britain) • T35 (Britain) • Watling Street
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