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From:  Bishop's Stortford (TL487184)
To:  Stump Cross (TL506440)
Via:  Stansted Mountfichet
Distance:  17.5 miles (28.2 km)
Meets:  A1184, B1529, A1060, A1250, B1004, A120, B1051, B1351, B1038, B1052, B1039, B184
Former Number(s):  A11
Highway Authorities

Essex • Hertfordshire

Traditional Counties

Hertfordshire • Essex

Route outline (key)
B1383 Bishop's Stortford bypass - Bishop's Stortford
(A1060) Bishop's Stortford
B1383 Bishop's Stortford - Stump Cross
This article is about the road that is the former A11 between Bishop's Stortford and Stump Cross.
For the original B1383 in Beccles, see B1383 (Beccles)

The B1383 London Road, passing the grounds of Audley End House

The B1383 follows the former route of the A11 between the south side of Bishop's Stortford and Stump Cross, from which point the A11 resumes as a trunk road heading towards Newmarket and Norwich.

Starting at a roundabout at the southern end of the A1184 Bishop's Stortford bypass the B1383 heads north into town. At a roundabout the road bears right (as the A11 always did) to bypass the town centre. It goes over the River Stort and then zigzags over the railway line to a mini-roundabout on the A1060. There's then a multiplex left to traffic lights where that road joins the A1250. The B1383 regains its number on the far side and continues north out of town, crossing the A120 northern bypass at a roundabout.

The railway line is crossed again a few hundred yards further on and we enter Stansted Mountfitchet on the far side. The road passes to the west of the town centre, which is reached via the B1051. A longer rural section now takes us through the tiny village of Quendon and over the M11. We then run parallel to motorway and railway line to reach Newport, where the road meets the B1038 then runs along the High Street to go under the railway. At the next roundabout the B1052 turns off towards Saffron Walden and we run through the scattered village of Audley End, briefly skirting the grounds of the house of that name.

After skirting Little Chesterford we enter Great Chesterford. The road becomes D1 briefly as it bends sharply to the right, then narrows to cross the River Granta. A left-hand bend takes the road out of the village and then a brief stretch across the fields takes the road to its end at a roundabout on the B184. Stump Cross Interchange itself (aka M11 J9A) lies just to the left. Originally, of course, the road ran straight across into the A11 but construction of the interchange required a small detour.

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