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A38 (Isle of Man)

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From:  Douglas (SC391773)
To:  Onchan (SC395781)
Via:  Summer Hill
Distance:  0.6 miles (1 km)
Meets:  A11, B34, A2
Primary Destinations
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Isle of Man

Traditional Counties

Isle of Man

Route outline (key)
A38 Douglas - Onchan

The A38 runs up Summer Hill between the A11 at the northeast end of Douglas Promenade, to the A2 in the village centre of Onchan. It starts at a sharp fork, and begins to climb immediately, past large houses trying to see over the rooftops of the houses on the sea front to get the view out to sea. The route winds past the entrance to Summerhill Glen, a small wooded park, and then the B34 turns left on Blackberry Lane, improbably crossing fields in the middle of the town! Summerhill Road continues to climb, the houses becoming less grand as it levels out. A terrace of small old houses the replaces the semi detached properties as the route comes to an end at a roundabout on the A2 approaching Onchan town centre.

The A38 can be a busy route, as it provides the shortest route from Douglas Promenade and port to Laxey, Ramsey and the north east of the island. It is therefore particularly busy with visitors after the ferry has docked.

A38 (Isle of Man)
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