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A10 (Isle of Man)

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From:  Ramsey (SC444957)
To:  Ballaugh (SC347934)
Via:  Bride, The Lhen, The Cronk
Distance:  14.3 miles (23 km)
Meets:  A9, A17, A16, B6, B2, A19, B13, B3, A14, B5, A13, B9, A3
Former Number(s):  B3
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Isle of Man

Route outline (key)
A10 Ramsey - Ballaugh

The A10 follows a horseshoe route, generally running a little way inland around the northern coast of the Isle of Man.

A10 entering Bride

The route starts at a fork junction on the A9 on the northern edge of Ramsey and heads north east along Bride Road, passing the end of the town's Mooragh Promenade to reach the coast. It then turns north, running along the top of the coastal slope for about a mile before turning inland a little. There are a scattering of houses along the roadside here, in a village which appears to be called 'The Dog Mills'. Curving further away from the coast, the route winds gently across fields, before climbing a little into the low hill area in this north eastern corner of the island. The summit of 79m is reached just before the junction with the A17 in Bride village. A short distance further on the A16 turns right at a mini roundabout in front of the church, headed for Point Ayre, the island's most northerly point.

The route drops down out of the village, and turns slowly round to head west. It winds along through high, gorse topped banks, with a number of right turns leading out to parking areas in the dunes behind the shingle banks. The roadside is dotted with houses and farms scattered amongst the small fields, and after passing Ballabane, there are a couple of longer straights, but both are narrow and undulating. The A10 then turns sharply north at the junction with the B6, but quickly curves back to head west again. Another windy section leads past the junction with the B2 and into the small village of The Lhen. This sits on a slight rise at the western end of the band of low hills, and so the road drops down, past the junction with the A19, and crosses the narrow bridge over the Lhen Trench.

Passing the church in The Cronk

Now heading south west, the route passes left turns for the B13 and B3 before entering Jurby, one of the larger villages along the route, which grew substantially after the construction of Jurby Airfield in World War 2. The airfield is now a race track and trading estate, and also home to the island's prison. The A14 leads into the village, and soon after the B5 is met at a crossroads, where the right turn leads out to the prominent church, sitting high on the coastal bank. Another windy section follows, slowly turning south to reach The Cronk, another small village where the A13 and B9 come in from the left almost at the same junction.

The final stretch turns away from the coast again, and heads a little east of south to reach the village of Ballaugh. Cronk Road leads in between modern housing estates, and then becomes Station Road after crossing the old railway line. The route finally comes to an end on the A3 at a T junction in a small square in front of the hotel and shop. Because the A3 is part of the TT Circuit, it curves through the square, with the A10 splitting either side of a small island opposite the minor road to Ravensdale.


As originally numbered in the 1920's, the route was given two numbers. The eastern section from Ramsey to Bride has always been the A10, but from Bride around to Ballaugh Bridge, the route was originally the B3. It had been renumbered as an extension of the A10 by 1963.

The Manx Government Circular 1131 of 25/02/1926 defines this route as: Thorn Hill to Bride Church

A10 (Isle of Man)
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