A3 (Isle of Man)

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From: Castletown (SC263679)
To: Ramsey (SC448944)
Via: Glenmooar, Kirk Michael
Length: 24.9 miles (40.1 km)
Meets:  A5, A7, A34, A36, A24, A40, A1, A20, A4, A10, A14, A17, A18, A9
Former Number(s): A3, A4
Highway Authorities

Isle of Man

Traditional Counties

Isle of Man

Route outline (key)
A3 Castletown - Ramsey
This article is about the current A3 on the Isle of Man.
For the former A3 on the Isle of Man, now A4, see A3 (Peel - Ramsey)

The A3 forms the main N-S route down the middle of the Isle of Man. It is the longest road on the island.


Castletown - Foxdale

Church Bends, part of the Southern 100 Course

Foxdale - St Johns

Approaching the A1 at St Johns

St Johns - Kirk Michael

Cronk y Voddy

Kirk Michael - Ramsey

Ballaugh Bridge


The A3 used to run from Peel to Ramsey, with the A4 running from Castletown to Kirk Michael. In (year) the A4 was extended to Ramsey, curtailing the A3 to just Peel - Kirk Michael. In (year) the numbers then swapped, putting the A3 and A4 on their current routes.


A3 (Isle of Man)
JunctionsParliament Square (Ramsey)
RoadsSouthern 100 Course • TT Circuit
PlacesCastletown • Kirk Michael • Ramsey • St Johns
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A3 Foxdale Road approaching Foxdale (C) Chris Gunns - Geograph - 1854471.jpgA3 approaching Rhencullen (C) Chris Gunns - Geograph - 1883634.jpgExiting Church Bends on the A 3 road - Geograph - 169187.jpgKirk Michael, The A3 (C) Chris Gunns - Geograph - 481850.jpgThe A4 approaching Ballaugh - Geograph - 1883679.jpg
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