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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Islip (SP982779)
To:  Rockingham (SP871912)
Via:  Corby By Pass
Distance:  14.1 miles (22.7 km)
Meets:  A14, A43, A4300, A6086, A6003
Former Number(s):  B667, B664
Old route now:  A6086
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

North Northamptonshire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A6116 Islip - Stanion
(A43) Stanion - Weldon
A6116 Weldon - Rockingham

The A6116 is a cross-country A-road in north Northamptonshire that links Corby to Thrapston and the eastbound A14.


Approaching Stanion

The road starts at A14 J12 and heads north. It crosses the old A604 at a roundabout and then bypasses Islip to the west. The road continues to the north along further bypasses, such as Lowick and Brigstock, although the road has always bypassed Sudborough.

Presently we bypass Stanion to reach a roundabout on the A43, where we also meet the A4300 (that road's old route into Kettering). There's a multiplex to the north along the dual-carriageway A43 for well over a mile. We skirt the eastern edge of Corby and meet the A6086 at traffic lights then the A427 at a roundabout before the A6116 regains its number at the end of the A43 dual carriageway on the Weldon bypass.

We head north, now dual although we no longer have primary status, through an industrial estate. At the next roundabout the dual carriageway continues ahead and then simply stops, suggesting that this may be a future route of the A6116. Meanwhile we turn left and continue alongside the industrial estate. The A6086 is met at the next roundabout and we turn right for more of the same. The road bears round gradually to the left so that by the time we're running through a retail park we're heading southwestwards. We turn right at a roundabout onto Rockingham Road and pass through a wood before ending at a roundabout on the A6003 on the edge of the grounds of Rockingham Castle.


The original number of the road from Islip to Stanion was the B667. This road was upgraded to become the A6116 around 1930. In 1935 the road was extended west along the B664 through the centre of Corby to reach the A6003, giving the road its current span.

Much of the road has been upgraded in the intervening years. Construction of the A604 (current A14) in the 1990s moved the southern end of the road onto the Islip western bypass. At the Corby end, the A6116 has been rerouted to form a northern bypass; the old road east of the town centre is now numbered A6086 whilst the majority of the old route to the west is unclassified.

Opening Dates

Year Section Notes
1982 Lowick Bypass The contract was issued in February 1981. Work was expected to start soon after, with completion expected in 40 weeks. Shown on OS 1:250000 map revised October 1982. Contractor was Midland Oak, contract price £707,391.
1985 Stanion to Brigstock Improvement Opened on 4 March 1985 per the Land Compensation Act notice. Mostly an online improvement,
1986 Brigstock Bypass The 2.8 mile road was opened on 7 November 1986 by William Powell, MP for Corby. Contract was Mowlem Northern Ltd., cost £3.3 million.

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